London based American left field techno producer Karen Gwyer is set to follow up on her thrilling and critically acclaimed long player from 2017 Rembo with the imminent release a new four track EP. Titled Man On Mountain, it will arrive mid July on Fade To Mind and again showcases Gwyer’s original and innovative approach to and multi-faceted and utilitarian style in both musical creation and production.

The urgency that emanated from that previous release is immediately apparent on the buoyant and busy opener “Faces On Ankles”. It’s manic rhythms and layered glassy melodies are tempered only by a reflective swirl of synth that gradually deepens in penetration. That’s complemented by its flip side counterpart “Cherries On Shoulders” and contrasted by tension within the drone like structures of “Ian On Fire” and Ribbon On Neck”. The prepositional nature of the titles could almost serve as a metaphor for the multiple layers present musically .

Listen to the radio edit of “Faces On Ankles” and pre-order the Man On Mountain EP digitally and physically here. It’s out on Fade To Mind on July 12.


1. Faces On Ankles
2. Ian On Fire
3. Cherries On Shoulders
4. Ribbon On Neck


Faces On Ankles (Radio Edit)

Karen Gwyer (USA)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Man On Mountain’, Fade To Mind. Out July 12.

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