Linn Elisabet, Swedish techno DJ/Producer and member of the Stockholm based Drömfakulteten collective has fully unveiled the transcendental third instalment for Rotterdam’s ARTS offshoot Arts Gallery. III sees her reach yet another zenith in a brief but already impressive recording career. The EP’s roll out began three weeks ago and today saw its release for streaming.  Instantly characterised by its reverberating kick, opener “Even My Dignity” sets the tone with its dramatic and mesmerising choral like synths and heightened atmospherics, masterfully applied by the classically trained artist

While the remainder of Gallery III more than matches that for quality, more importantly its diversity and resulting all-encompassing flavour carries with it a consistency ironically achieved from a number . Special mention must be reserved for the intriguing closing track ‘Charioteers’, its deep, intuitive and minimalist tendencies showcasing perfectly Elisabet’s ability to employ power with an exacting subtlety.

ARTS Gallery III is available now on stream or to purchase on all formats including vinyl here. Stream ‘Charioteers’ in our New Techno Playlist (Independent, Underground & Left Field) on Spotify here and/or listen to the whole EP streaming over at soundcloud below. Highly recommended.


ARTS Gallery III (EP Stream)

Linn Elisabet (SWE)


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