London based Irish multi-disciplinary artist Sinead O’Brien has digitally dropped her artistically focused and idiosyncratically delivered new single ‘Taking On Time’, a thrilling piece of motorik driven post punk that more than packs an intellectual punch. The Limerick raised O’Brien uses spoken word to take us through a wide array of observational musings on the multi-dimensional nature of her own existence and the existence of things in as much as we see, live and imagine them. On the track’s simultaneous multiplicity which drive its many layers of meaning she states;

“This track is something quite ambitious for me, there is no genre, no setting. It’s got to stand on its own… I am inspired by an honest face on the train, a rhythm, a melody, a feeling, or it can hit me as nothing at all – a vacuum, limbo! Every detail matters! I wanted to put double or triple emphasis on the ‘me-being-here-now’ as a way of navigating and positioning myself in the world…Everything and nothing happens. It’s a still life film. It feels both ambitious and impossible.”

Aided by Dan Carey in the studio and by guitarist Julian Hanson and drummer Oscar Robertson live, O’Brien has cannily managed to merge, in the style of the late Mark E. Smith, the academic and obtuse with the angular and the literary with the melodic to create a poetic rhythm that’s guaranteed to embed itself inside your musical mind for some while to come. ‘Taking On Time’ follows up her three track EP A List Of Normal Sins from late last year and comes as single No. 30 in London based label Speedy Wunderground’s single series. It’s available to stream now and features in our New Post Punk/Wave/Shoegaze/Post Rock Playlist on Spotify. The limited physical 7″ vinyl release will surface on July 5th. Listen below and pre-order here.


Taking On Time

Sinead O’Brien (IRE)

From the single ‘Taking On Time’, Speedy Wunderground. Vinyl out Jul 5.

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