Berlin based Dutch electronic producer Thessa Torsing aka upsammy has wasted little time in following up the late April release of her debut EP Wild Chamber with the release a new sub-aquatic four tracker, Branches On Ice. While its title is suggestive of a musical environment sparse and cold and that is partly true, its relentlessly busy rhythms and restless  and inventive electronics give it a warm kind of glow. Multiple genres are also in play throughout. While minimal, ambient, IDM and psychedelic elements are undoubtedly what characterises the electronic character of the EP, experimental and left field techno pulsates away at the core of each track.

The layered shimmer found in ‘A Walk In Twilight’ captures that essence while the glassy and ethereal ‘Bronze Goddess’, slows down the tempo considerably but is no less of dual musical character. The hypnotic and hydraulic ‘Shaky Limbs’ imagines other dimensions while the title track heightens the tempo in all aspects. Torsing doesn’t hold back on the mesmerising and manifest amount of effects and elaborate and immersive percussion she employs. And yet despite that, the track retains its minimal, uncluttered and focused feel.

Handling a mix of genres like this let alone succeeding with them after just two EP’s is rare. That Torsing can deliver them with just the right amount of emphasis is indicative of a prodigious talent with an eye for detail and a fine ear for timbre and texture. And that talent, both innate and worked for puts her firmly at the cutting edge of experimental and left field electronic music . Listen to the title track below and see what the rest of the fuss is about here. It’s out now on Frankfurt label Die Orakel.


Branches On Ice

upsammy (NET)

From the EP, ‘Branches On Ice’, Die Orakel.

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