Two weeks back veteran electronic mastermind David Moufang aka Move D announced the impending release through Will Saul’s Aus Music of a new full length album Building Bridges. While its title track has been doing the rounds in clubs over the last six months or so ‘Dots’, a sublime and spellbinding piece of minimal house, is the first taste of the album proper. Slight yet affecting atmospherics abound as a simple and sprightly dub infused bassline and a submerged synth melody leave their gentle mark. The vocal sample’s mantra adds to the track’s hypnotic tendencies and when woven in with disciplined hats, the rhythmic thrill renders hitting the repeat button an involuntary action.

Building Bridges, consisting of nine cuts of dub techno, deep house and disco, boasts a dizzying cast of fellow electronic music luminaries including Thomas Fehlmann, Fred P, Juju & Jordash, D-Man & rEAGENZ. It was recorded, sans album as the end goal, in leisurely fashion over a two decade period which makes its consistency and coherence all the more remarkable. Listen to ‘Dots’ below and pre-order on all formats for a July 12 release date here.


1. Cycles – Move D
2. Innit feat. D Man – Move D
3. Dots – Move D
4. Tiny Fluffy Spacepods – Magic Mountain High
5. Dusted Links – Move D
6. Transit – Move D & Benjamin Brunn

7. One Small Step – rEAGENZ meets Thomas Fehlmann
8. Building Bridges – Move D & Fred P
9. Perpetual State (feat. the poem “Alles Ist Eins” by Thorn Hoedh) – Move D



Move D (GER)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Building Bridges’, Aus Music.

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