Kiev left field techno producer James Bong released his exceptional four track EP Konduktor last week on Berlin based imprint Mind Trip and the repeat button has been getting a workout here ever since. The owner of the Raw Raw label is known for his meticulous ear for detail and the resonant sounds he produces on each track in different contexts is just gold.

Konduktor begins with ‘Hose’, a track where the frequencies are employed to be toyed with. Buffeted with layers of atmosphere it slowly builds into a feeling like one is inside a prism as effects ping off its glassy edges. Standout ‘Triple’ is a relentless lesson in focus. A familiar techno riff rattles and resonates in thrilling style while warped melody tries unsuccessfully to hook around it before things sadly come to an end.

The title track brings some dystopian grit to proceedings as the pristine sounds of the first two tracks give way to distorted beats, a dissonant atmosphere and a granulated low end. The final track ‘Duffer’ brings things to a close in unlikely and unpredictable fashion combining a blippy tripped out high end with a crunchy distorted elasticity and situating them alongside an almost jazz like shuffle.

All tracks run under five minutes and in the icircular musical world that’s still largely unusual. It is testimony to James Bong’s ability that he is economically able to pack in the punch needed although its brevity will still leave you wanting more. Konduktor is out now through Mind Trip. Listen to the scintillating ‘Triple’ below and purchase the EP here.



James Bong

From the EP, ‘Konduktor’, Mind Trip.

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