Originally the bedroom pop project of vocalist/guitarist Ryan Smith, Hull lo-fi/shoegaze outfit bdrmm have released a double A sided 7″ single sporting the new track ‘Question Mark’ . It’s the sixth release and half way point in 2019’s Sonic Cathedral Singles Club series.

Gently insistent, lo-fi filtered vocals appropriately match the track’s measured pace and ponderous disposition. Subtle layers of guitars, electronics and slight atmospheric effects weave their way in and out what is otherwise appropriately spartan affair until an ardent lead outro begins to fill the musical canvas.

With Smith’s vocals and acoustic guitar dominant throughout, you can’t help but feel that ‘Question Mark’ signifies Bdrmm’s bedroom era swansong before the full band takes shape. Listen below and subscribe to the iconic English shoegaze label’s Singles Club at the link above. There’s five more to be released before the series ends at No. 11 in December. Buy the digital single separately here.

‘Question Mark’ is currently in our New Post Punk Wave Shoegaze & Post Rock Playlist on Spotify. Listen and follow here.


Question Mark

Bdrmm (ENG)

From the double A sided single, ‘c u’  b/w  ‘Question Mark’, Sonic Cathedral Singles Series

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