Markus Nikolai and Ole Schulte’s International Anything have released their new three track EP Running In The Underwood on Cocoon Recordings. Boasting two stunning originals and a remix of the title track by Michael Mayer, it follows up their debut EP from earlier this year Like The Girl released on Nikolai’s Perlon imprint..

The beguiling yet instantly infectious ‘Running In The Underwood’ is a groove laden hypnotic work of disciplined elasticity. Taking in an amalgam of genres from minimalist driven pop, motorik styled electronica and techno infused house groove, their seamless and successful merger is indicative of the Frankfurt/Berlin duo’s canny instinct and exemplary skill. The transformative nature comes from attention given to sculpting detail and the gradual convergence of a myriad of disparate elements, the antecedents of which are not always immediately obvious. This is also in evidence on the the EP’s second original, the analogue driven ‘See Where You Are’, which also carefully transforms itself from its loose laid back and multi-directional beginnings into into a work of rather deep introspection.

While Nikolai and Schulte like to teeter playfully on the edge of pastiche and never have their tongues far away from being firmly planted in their cheeks, they’ve ultimately delivered two tracks possessive of both compositional substance and an immense sonic allure. Knockout blows the pair of them Listen to the title track below and pre-order the EP on vinyl out through Cocoon Recordings here.


1. Running In The Underwood
2. Running In The Underwood (Mike Mayer Remix)
3. See Where You Are


Running In The Underwood

International Anything (GER)

From the EP, ‘Running In The Underwood’, Cocoon Recordings

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