We’ve turned over just under half of our New Post Punk/ Wave/ Shoegaze/ Post Rock Playlist on Spotify over the last few days. The 14 new tracks come from a diverse array of artists and bands, all of whom more than make their mark in the genre or genres they primarily choose to trade in. Largely in order of how they appear they are Los Angeles post-industrial duo Prettiest Eyes, London’s grungy dream pop duo Pinero Serene, idiosyncratic Berlin duo Mueran Humanos, Naples post punk/synthwave duo Hapax, Baltimore shoegaze & dark pop quartet Painted Mirror, San Diego darkwave goths Mannequin, Hull DIY shoegazers Bdrmm and Copenhagen noise, goth and shoegaze trio why sun.

Often The Thinker and Chemtrail, two post rock outfits who trade in that genre’s more introspective and ambient side, are accompanied in the playlists’ first half Vancouver punk/garage trio Necking, Perth psych punk trio Hideous Sun Demon , Melbourne’s Press Club and a track each from the new split EP between Australian and American shoegazers, NYC  quintet Warm and Adelaide outfit Blush Response.

They join tracks from the previous week from Chicago’s Pool Holograph, London’s Modern Nature, Brooklyn’s B Boys, Atlanta’s Matt Weiner aka TWINS, Philadephia’s  Dreamswell, London based quartet Ghum, the Andalucia and Californian exchange between Terry vs Tori & Foliage, Northern California’s Ceremony, Toronto’s Robert Alfons aka TR/ST, Louisville based duo Tulipe Noire with guitarist Scary Black, Dark Arches from Leeds, English artists Ben Holton and Rob Glover aka Epic45, New York City based New Zealand and American duo
L I P S, Vienna’s Gran Bankrott and Brooklyn’s Shanghai Beach.

Get into these 30 fine exhibits from the dark and introspective corner of the sonic arts here. All tracks featured in and removed from this playlist during 2019 end up here in the Post Punk / Wave / Shoegaze / Post Rock version of our Tracks of 2019 Series, The current number of tracks we’ve featured this year in this list currently stands at 407 and we’ve still got half the year to go. The 14 present in this playlist now in that include Melbourne’s Tropical Fuck Storm and Worm Cafe, Bristol’s Beak>, Sydney artist Hatchie, L.A. duo Drab Majesty, London quartet Black Midi and Philadelphia’s Pussy

New Post Punk, Coldwave, Darkwave, Synthwave, Shoegaze & Post Rock: An Independent Music Playlist By Indie30. It also includes the the genres of Dream Pop, Goth, Industrial, Noise, Motorik & Kosmische Musik.

Tracks of 2019 Series: Post Punk, Wave, Shoegaze & Post Rock