Last week saw London post punk quartet Dry Cleaning share their (hopefully) ironic debut single ‘Magic Of Meghan’, a (hopefully) wry broadside aimed the odious English establishment and the gutter press in Fleet Street for the misogyny and racism they’ve directed at American woman Meghan Markle. Apparently, because she is not English, not totally white and has a mind of her own but still had the “audacity/courage” to enter into a marriage with a member of Britain’s anachronistic “royal family” the woman now known by the strange title of “Duchess of Sussex” is either going to destroy the essence of Britain as we are apparently supposed to know it or be its saviour and just what the country supposedly needs.

We’d like to take the opportunity provided by the track to state categorically that we couldn’t give a flying fuck about the daily lives or fortunes of the strange people who inhabit or decide to inhabit the anachronistic world of monarchy. The notional absurdity and very existence of such institutions should have been consigned to the dustbin of history long ago. But we do give a fuck about and will highlight, criticise and condemn will full force any instance of misogyny, sexism or racism and won’t rest until right wing bigots of any class or stripe who practice such, attracted, intoxicated, emboldened as they are by the return of fascism to mainstream politics in the wake of neoliberal failure, are put firmly back in their box.

Whether their support for a member of the monarchy is real or being cleverly and candidly used as an ironic front to call out these poisonous right wing tendencies in the British media and body politic or none of these things, Dry Cleaning’s ‘Magic of Meghan’ was too instantly alluring not to share. Who could resist its tautly pitched guitar, driving bass, resounding drums and observationally delivered vocal? Listen for yourselves below and watch its Lucy Vann shot video. It’s the lead track from their forthcoming debut EP Sweet Princess, due on August 26. Pre-order EP/stream single here.

Magic of Meghan

Dry Cleaning (ENG)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Sweet Princess’, It’s Ok. Out Aug. 26.

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