Chicago experimental dark pop duo Keely Dowd & Essej Pollock, aka GRÜN WASSER have upped the ante in the lead up to the release of their debut album by dropping the spatially frenetic, ‘Driving’ as its second single. It follows up their brooding and icy debut from last month ‘Stranger Mouth’ and comes accompanied by an appropriately disturbing Giuliana Foulkes directed video which is focused on singer Keely Dowd’s unsettling portrayal of the alleged ghost of a young girl dubbed ‘Resurrection Mary’. Legend has it that the youngster now hitchhikes the road she died on adjacent to Resurrection Cemetery just south of the Windy City, where she is rumoured buried. Watch below.

GRÜN WASSER’s debut full length Not Ok With Things, thematically centred around the trials associated with addiction and the maddening double standards to which women are subjected in a gender unequal world, is out on October 4 via Holodeck Records. Pre-order on all formats here.




From the forthcoming album, ‘Not Ok With Things’, Holodeck Records. Out Oct. 4

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