Late last month Veteran Buenos Aires techno producer Xhei dropped his impressive new EP The Mithosis, following up his two tracker for Monark from June, Utopia. It establishes an immediate percussion led rhythm, persistent and hypnotic right from the get go assisting both a booming aesthetic and heightened restraint. which is divided in approach between its pulverising bookends and restrained middle.

The all encompassing weight of opener ‘Mithosis’ is distinguished from closer “The Plant’s” squelchy sheets of synth and glassy frequencies by its eerie undulating echo, subterranean rattle and tortured arpeggios. The middle tracks dial down the volume and turn inward invoking restraint, albeit in very different ways. The electrical intensity emitted by “Cuenco’s” irradiating razor wire sound is too much to be held down in the same way as “Reflection” a track deliberately suppressed and suffocated by its own crushing atmospherics, a treatment that gives it a kind of ponderous and introspective character.

Listen to the title track below and get a digital copy of The Mithosis EP here. It’s out through Analog Solutions.



Xhei (ARG)

From the EP, ‘The Mithosis’, Analog Solutions.

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