The Aithér EP is the new two part stunner from Madrid left field techno producer Dario Garcia, aka Notzing. It’s the third work that forms part of the Oniro cycle that began back in 2017 with the four part Vigilia EP. As much the sound design of dream scapes as it is functional dark and deep techno, the twelve minute “Aithér I” is more than a trip for the senses.

A linear beat, dark transfixing bass line and a luminous resonant glow remain wedded to one another throughout. The repetitive groove generates a surreality that’s only enhanced by the abstract atmosphere as industrial effects and shards of acid dance with slithers of arpeggio and ethereal synth. At just eight minutes in comparison, completing proceedings is the more hard edged “Aither II.”  It continues down the same dream state path of Part I but finds Garcia doubling down on the density with the addition of liquid sounds  stimuli while meticulously intensifying every element.

Aithér is out now on Knotzept. Grab a digital copy while you listen to “Aithér I” below here.


Aithér I

Notzing (ESP)

From the EP, ‘Aithér’, Knotzept.

Audio Stream

“Aithér” I is currently in our New Techno Playlist here on Spotify.