Photo: Sebastian Mlynarski

Simultaneously immediate as it is distant, dramatic as it is restrained, the strikingly compact yet expansive new single ‘Capital Pains’ from New York City post punk/darkwave duo Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper aka Tempers is the first taste of their forthcoming new album Private Life. The contrasting qualities of the music are appropriately matched by its distinctive video, directed and shot by Zev Deans and Brendan McGowan respectively. Golestaneh and Cooper deliver the track with unassuming insistence in a nocturnal setting up against a backdrop filled with vividly saturated colour. Listen and watch ‘Capital Pains’ below. Private Life will be released through Dais Records on the 25th October. Pre-order it on clear blue vinyl here.


1. Capital Pains
2. Leonard Cohen Afterworld
3. Peace of Mind
4. Filters
5. Daydreams
6. Guidance
7. Push/Pull
8. More Than You Realized
9. Sleep
10. Exit


Capital Pains

Tempers (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Private Life’, Dais Records. Out 25th October.

Audio Stream

Official Video

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