It’s been a relatively quiet week on the release front techno wise as we roll past the northern summer’s holiday season*. However, But what it lacked in numbers was more than compensated for in quality. Our New Techno Playlist begins with ’Inversion’, a linear driven lesson in heightened restraint from Tbilisi producer Irakli Bregvadze aka Uväll from his new EP Irregular Texture. It’s the latest in a growing line of top quality releases from Lisbon’s HAYES collective who are home to three other artists further into this list. Moddular and Temudo lend ‘4444’ and ‘Murray’ respectively from their MXT EP for Cleric’s label Clergy while Obstructor’s ‘Kernel Panic’ is from the EP he released on Hayes last month, Carnage.

The formidable ‘Dissonant Shapes’ is the frequency filled title track from the superbly crafted new EP from Barcelona based Argentine Linkan Ray out now on Be As One. The next two tracks emanate from the fine city of Helsinki. The first is the rave inspired ‘Emergency Pants from Kitkatone off his new EP Love Don’t Come Easy for Enotaktik. The second is  ‘Sifting Gravel’, a minimal yet dramatic piece of pulsating low end gold is from Helsinki DJ/Producer Samuli Kemppi off his excellent new modular driven live to tape EP Reversal Rehearsals for Spanish label Rhod Records. The analog one-take live approach continues on the latest Klockworks release by Moscow based producer Stef Mendesidis. No. 26 features four super pacy and super functional cuts including the EP’s closer ‘Hunt’.

The massive power of ‘Escape’, the latest release by the ultra versatile Japanese producer Ken Ishii, sports three remixes and is his first for Code Records. The razor sharp tension of ‘On’  is from the EP Vault Series No 25 and comes courtesy of the latest collaboration between the Vault label owner Subjected and Andrejko. The explorative ‘Jahria’ is the dark and powerful minimal tech driven title track from French producer Christopher Kah‘s  new EP for Gem Records. Hoarder is the latest collaboration between Andy Butler (Hercules and Love Affair) and multi-media artist Joie Iacono. The raw industry of ‘Grunt of Affirmation’ kicks off their new unique and experimental EP Consumer Regret. The final new cut released for streaming this week is the hypnotic yet razor sharp ‘Northern Nature’ by emerging London based Lithuanian producer Animal Kingdom.

With a couple of exceptions**, the remaining tracks were newly released over the past month with those exceptions being material that can now be streamed. Together they form an eclectic mixture of diverse techno to whet all appetites. Featured within is New York based South African Brendon Moeller, American producer David Flores aka Truncate, Stick Recordings founder Alberto Ruiz, Buenos Aires producer Seph, Swedish minimal techno producer Härdstedt, Rotterdam duo IM KELLAR* (whose 12 month old The Stream EP has just been released to stream – yep…), the cutting edge title track ‘El Cuarto De Las Puertes’ from an equally excellent EP by Havana producer Are:gone and an equally impressive outing from Berlin-based South Londoner Charlie Baldwin aka Cocktail Party Effect.

Joining the aforementioned Hayes artists to close things out with their second contributions to the list are Uun, Desroi*, Several Definitions, Ricardo Garduno, Edit Select, ASEC, Giovanni Carozza, JTC and Sara Simonit.

This playlist is limited to 30 tracks and is updated constantly so follow for the best the genre has to offer here. All tracks removed end up in our 680 strong Tracks of 2019 Series: Techno Playlist here.

* with the exception of the 121 track compilation put out by the Oramics platform in support of LGBTQIA communities in Poland. Read more about and purchase TOTAL SOLIDARITY – benefit compilation for grassroots LGBTQIA+ organizations in Poland here.

** The IM KELLAR and Desroi tracks come from EP’s recently released to streaming platforms for the first time.