It was with a mixture of great disappointment, sadness and anger to learn not only of the anti-LGBTQIA+ violence against the Pride march in Białystok, Poland a few weeks back but of the alarmingly insensitive response by the Revive/Interior Festivals whatever their reasoning. In the wake of an attack on a community intrinsic as it is indispensible to dance music and culture, the festival’s declaration of “neutrality” and a “revive free of politics” where “objective truth depends on the point of view” was beyond insensitive and rather telling. We noted and were heartened by the swift and critical response from a number of artists, notably this from the Northern Electronics crew.

So on a positive note it was pleasing to see Unsound and others come out and rally around the community and more than pleasing subsequently to hear of plans to release what has ended up being a massive 121 track and counting compilation put out this weekend to raise money in support LGBTQIA+ people and organisations in smaller Polish cities and towns. It was created by Oramics, a Polish based platform and booking Agency dedicated to empowering women, non-binary and queer people in the electronic music scene and Vincent Koreman aka Drvg Culture. the founder and owner of the Dutch left field electronic and techno label New York Haunted.

TOTAL SOLIDARITY – benefit compilation for grassroots LGBTQIA+ organizations in Poland was assembled and mixed in less than two weeks after Oramics and Koreman received an outpouring of support from a swathe of electronic artists. Contributors include Oramics affiliates  ISNT, Olivia, FOQL and Avtomat and as well as other Polish artists Borusiade, Lensk and Chino. They are joined by international contributors  Varg, Rrose, Violet, Peder Mannerfelt, Heidi Sabertooth, Ryan James Ford, TSVI, Mala Herba, felicita, Isabella, Lee Gamble, object blue, Rui Ho, Air Max ’97 and Drvg Cvlture himself.

Two Polish solidarity organisations Kampania Przeciw Homofobii and Miłość Nie Wyklucza who monitor homophobia and provide support for LGBTQIA people have agreed to help Oramics distribute all proceeds from sales of the compilation to more isolated organisations in the smaller cities and towns of Poland where discrimination, intolerance and bigotry is highest and much needed support often lacking.

On the release and initiative, Oramics put out this statement

Instead of total hatred, we give you TOTAL SOLIDARITY. We present you with the compilation created thanks to the cooperation of Oramics collective and the person behind New York Haunted label – Drvg Cvltvre. All proceeds from the digital sales will support Polish queer organizations: Kampania Przeciw Homofobii and Miłość Nie Wyklucza, who monitor homophobia, provide all kind of support for queer people and have agreed to help us redistribute the proceeds throughout LGBTQIA+ organizations in smaller cities and towns of Poland, who need them the most. 

Among the supporters of our action, you will find international headliners, underground stars, beginners, heroes from our local scene in Poland and music from the members of Oramics collective. 

In recent years, we have observed an evolving campaign of homophobia run by the right-wing Polish government, spread by the government media and fuelled by the Catholic Church. We have heard that the LGBTQIA+ community is a plague, a dangerous ideology, a threat to morality and Polish culture and should be fought with fire. These words caused an eruption of violence, e.g. recent pogrom-like attacks on a Pride march in Białystok and targeting queer people on the streets as well as their allies wearing rainbow symbols. This atmosphere of disrespect, violence and hate leads many Polish queer people to depression, migration or even suicide.
The electronic music scene in Poland has recently taken a stand and many initiatives, festivals, collectives and clubs declared their solidarity and support. We want to take it further and do what we do best: share our passion for music and creating spaces where we can all feel free and at home. Music, art and the club scene are all parts of culture which is not and cannot be indifferent to historical and social turmoils or political oppression. Quite the contrary, it has always been the voice of resistance. Club culture is something more than hedonistic sounds letting you forget about your everyday life, it is something more than a way to make money – it is a tool that can help other people. Apart from the fundraiser party at Jasna 1 on August 9th 2019, we present you with the compilation “TOTAL SOLIDARITY” created thanks to the cooperation of Oramics collective and the person behind New York Haunted label – Drvg Cvltvre. All proceeds from the digital sales will support Polish queer organizations: Kampania Przeciw Homofobii and Miłość Nie Wyklucza, who monitor homophobia, provide all kind of support for queer people and have agreed to help us redistribute the proceeds throughout LGBTQIA+ organizations in smaller cities and towns of Poland, who need them the most. It took us less than a week to collect more than 100 tracks from all kinds of electronic music genres, from various different producers from far and near who wish to support the queer community in Poland. Once again we want to pay respect to the roots of club culture in queer, people of color, anti-gentrification, anti-state oppression struggle. We want to say, sing and bang it out loud: Queer rights are human rights. We’re in this together. 

The fight for equality in Poland is an ongoing battle, so the compilation has an open formula – whoever wants to contribute after the release, please contact us. 

Big thanks to Berlin-based Uferlos Studios, especially Rey KM Domurat for their hard work mastering the whole material. We cannot express how important this work was for us! 

Oramics – 17/8/19

Indie30 expresses its full support for this and other inclusive initiatives aimed at safeguarding and furthering the rights of LGBTQIA+ communities and other marginalised communities everywhere. The rise of right wing power and re-emergence of fascist beliefs in mainstream politics are developments that should raise maximum concern and eternal vigilance in all of us.

Listen to the appropriately named ‘False Neutrality’ by Warsaw DJ/Producer Andrzej Frelek aka Lensk from the release and check out the extensive tracklist and note the participating artists below. The intention is for the compliation to become open source and further tracks and artists added. You can (and should) support this initiative and at the same time pick up some quality electronic music here.


False Neutrality

Lensk (POL)

From the compilation, ‘TOTAL SOLIDARITY – benefit compilation for grassroots LGBTQIA+ organizations in Poland’, Oramics/New York Haunted.

Audio Stream

1. Adre’N’Alin – You are the best 
2. Air Max ’97 – Myokymia 
3. Akwizgram – Arsen 
4. Anatol – wrongdoing 
5. Andres Komatsu – Bialystok² 
6. Astma – They will never go back 
7. Atilla The Hvn – Chrono 
8. Avbvrn – Inflorescence 
9. Avtomat – Ignorance Ha 
10. Baasch – Sneaker Fairytale 
11. bakblivv – Bio-End Machina 
12. Bartosz Weber – Burdenbourbon 
13. Bleaching Agent – reaching distance
14. Blood Music – Panasonic Apron 
15. Borusiade – Domino Domina 
16. Calum Gunn – Morioh 
17. Catz ‘n Dogz – Ecke 
18. Chino – SSTM 
19. Ciarra Black – Circular 
20. Dale Cornish – Raise your voice 
21. DJ Loser – from time to time 
22. Doc Sleep – Lemon Zest 
23. Danny L. Harle – Easy U Easy S Easy A
24. DR REY – Connor 
25. drmcnt – Geneva Drive 
26. Drvg Cvltvre – Dancing on your fascist grave 
27. Duy Gebord – Neurotic Electronics Part II (feat. OSP Sejny) 
28. Dyktando – 3-3-3 
29. dyLAB – Section 28 
30. dzika___r0za – (.) Love pollination than policy isolation (.) 
 31. ehh hahah – nocny fadeout 
32. Ekoplekz – Magnetik Pulse 
33. Electric Indigo – 4.31 Hz 
34. Eltron – Iskierka 
35. Evius – Wow Just Wow 
36. felicita – oooh heavy 
37. felicita – oooh dreamy 
38. FOQL – Colony Collapse 
39. Forces – For Bialystok 
40. Graham Dunning – Accepted 
41. Guy Birkin – prime-simplekick 
42. Heidi Sabertooth – Maximum Pressure
43. Heroiny – Untitled 
44. Huba Drzewna – There’s a Man 
45. Ida Dillan – Luftspeiling 
46. Isabella – seeping through powder
47. Industry Standard – Industry Standard
48. ISNT – F20.2 
49. iZueL_ – We are stronger than you think
50. Jaxe – Origin 
51. Jacek Sienkiewicz – BTWN 67
2. Joanna Szumacher – words of 
53. John Lake – Power of Cunt (Edit) 
54. Jolly & Pan Optica – Counting to TEN in the Temporality of a SUBJECT 
55. julek ploski Premium – tłumaczenie kaczora 
56. Jung An Tagen – Instruction for a sound machine 
57. Kai van Dongen – Dancing in The Dark
58. Kaltès – High Horses 
59. Kaltstam – My Name 
60. Kamil Szuszkiewicz – Power Ballad
61. KRYPT0SUKA – Smutny Flex (prod. SZAMZ) 
62. KXLT – trrrk 
63. Le Chocolat Noir – Act 
64. Lee Gamble – 89 
65. Lensk – False Neutrality 
66. LFDM – Circular Restraint 
67. Liar – Americana 
68. Loraine James – Gays with me (I’m good)
69. Lumpex – Trance Anthem 
70. MA’AM – Ciho 
71. Mala Herba – Nie idź 
72. Marek Nalikowski – Upflow 
73. Matt Harris – Version99 
74. Mchy i Porosty – Not many friends
75. Men of Cloth – My mind is going 
76. Mesak – Short cut street drive 
77. Michał Dębski – Ceramika 
78. Micromelancolié – a Ort n F 1 
79. Milkbaby – Holy milk 
80. Mirt – Remake the past
81. Mołr Drammaz – Po dnie 
82. Morah – Vothros 
83. Mrs Dink – My Thru$ting Sexu@lity
84. MRTN. – Above 
85. MUKA – tuty 
86. nadziej – kz 
87. Nancy Drone – Sworl 
88. Northern Rituals – Blizzard 
89. o ye o no? – wut wut?
90. object blue – Pure1. Ole Mic Odd – Illegal Power 
92. Olivia – Doggi 
93. Ostrowski – uNt 
94. Peder Mannerfelt – A Drone Against Homophobia 
95. Peter Kirn – Convenire 
96. Photonz – Battle mode 
97. Poly Chain – Peculiar 
98. QEEI (Tatiana Heuman) – Incomodx
99. Raul E – Ikkunat Auki 
100. rkss – Download contains_ 113 _ 24 bit Wav Loops (128 BPM) + 40 MIDI files
101. Rodas & Baby Meelo – Court Cases
102. Rrose – Parasite 
103. RSS BOYS – ANML PRNTS – live 
104. Rui Ho – Buzz Gum 
105. Ryan James Ford – Suffer the joy 
106. Satin de Compostela – when the lover’s bitten, there’s no room for anything else
107. sch_tsch – /// 
108. Souharce – On dit rien 
109. TSVI – Pacific Ambient 
110. TUUUN – 1987 
111. Új Bála – I Got So Many Rhymes I Don’t Think I’m Too Sane 
112. Varg²™ – Oh so u in to dark electronic dance music, sounds siq tbh (plz tell me more) 
113. VIELD – Shakaika 
114. Violet – Self-Inspection 
115. Waltteri – Beep-Boop 
116. Warrego Valles – Clench
17. Wilhelm Bras – Hot Mess 
118. Wojciech Kurek – kkkkk second 
119. Wosto – MF is died 
120. Yör – Hope 
121. Zamilska – Rise 0