Ultra consistent Dutch based producers Paul Boex and Dave Miller aka Abstract Division have produced another dark techno masterpiece in the form of the tellingly titled Nobody Is Anywhere. Released on their own imprint Dynamic Reflection, the four tracks reflect the duo’s disillusionment with the adverse effects social media, gentrification and corporatisation are having on contemporary society and hitherto the techno scene.

The vacuous and sinister ‘Keyboard Warriors’ denotes the needless hurt caused by social media and the commercial press in general while the void like vibe given off by ‘Lost Souls’ speaks for itself. The throb and swirl of ‘Fear Of Loneliness’ reflects the tension and lack of centre associated with the inability to be alone needing to be needed, the title track the crushing alienation and anxiety brought on by transience and displacement.

Boex and Miller knows that on so many levels society stands on the precipice where increasing technological connectivity brings ongoing societal disconnection. And Nobody Is Anywhere is another example of how they are able to produce elemental and emotional techno that’s both functional and abstract in establishing their observationally cerebral narrative. Listen to ‘Keyboard Warriors’ below and buy the EP here.

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Keyboard Warriors

Abstract Division (NET)

From the EP, ‘Nobody Is Anywhere’, Dynamic Reflection.

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