Northampton based Scottish artist Katie Malco has released her first new material since 2013 with the crushingly laid bare single ‘Creatures’. Built on emotive vocals and a full blown guitar assault, it reflects both the anxiety and exhaustion that has become so synonymous with living in a regressive, socially unjust system. One that is pitted against the young and the “other” and lacking in any real form of ethical decency. It marks a definitive change to the stripped back approach that was characteristic of her work on the 2013 EP Tearing Ventricles and is also her first single for her new American label 6131 Records. Listen below. Buy here.



Katie Malco (SCO)

From the single ‘Creatures’, 6131 Records.

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‘Creatures’ is now playing with 29 other brand new guitar based tunes in our New Pop/Rock playlist here on Spotify