Montreal French-Canadian post punk quartet Corridor have released the excellent motorik inspired second single ‘Domino’ from their forthcoming ideas rich album Junior. Sung in French as per all their material, a driving rhythm and a familiar yet killer bass hook underpins wiry melodies and chiming chord play. The compact and colourful vibe that formula quickly generates is then engulfed by a rambunctious dose of feedback induced squall suggestive of a sonic metaphor to represent the damage that the frustrated artist can cause to those around them. Vocalist/guitarist Jonathan Robert had the following to say about the track;

“People are often glorifying what being an Artist or a musician can mean. Art doesn’t necessarily make you a better person. There can be angst, stress and so on. It can have a negative, direct impact on the people closest to you. ‘Domino’ is about navigating just that. It is the first song out of ‘Junior’ that we’ve composed and we’ve played it live quite a few times already.”

The impressive ‘Domino’ follows up the soaringly hypnotic first single ‘Topographie’ and can be streamed below. You can pre-order Junior here in preparation for its release October 18 on Bonsound in Canada and  Sub Pop elsewhere.



1. Topographe
2. Junior
3. Domino 
4. Goldie
5. Agent double
6. Microscopie
7. Grand cheval
8. Milan
9. Pow
10. Bang



Corridor (CAN)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Junior’, Bonsound/Sub Pop.

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