Originally released on vinyl only through ESHU Records in February Other Heights, the debut solo EP by Nijmegen DJ/Producer Jocelyn Abell under his Jocelyn moniker is now fully available to stream and in digital form. It contains three diverse cuts of softly smouldering, delicately propulsive dub techno which highlight his ability to take a less is more approach and achieve a sonic disposition that’s methodical, substantive and highly absorbing. The variety of pad work on offer arouses various states of bliss and the different choices taken with rhythm and drum focus more than keeps the keen interest.

The title track is characterised by the glistening hiss of its void and an immersive throb which serve as space and groove respectively for the gradual application of transportive pads and a contorted acid line. The other two tracks are of no lesser quality as the soft intensity of the acid tinged ‘Maox’ more than hits the mark in creating a trance like feel and the gleaming closer ‘Utan’ achieves its dual aim of being smooth and expansive yet tough and involved.

Other Heights is now available on all streaming services and digitally here. through ESHU, the techno label Abell runs with Ivano Tetelepta, who he shared its Split 2 EP with in April. Familiarise or reacquaint yourself with the title track below.


1. Other Heights
2. Maox
3. Utan


Other Heights

Jocelyn (NET)

From the EP, ‘Other Heights’, ESHU.

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