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“Can you listen to this piece of music over and over and not get tired of it? Can you come back to it five or even ten years from now, and will it still be fresh? Will it still excite you? Will it still inspire you? I know the music I love does that for me so I can do no less when I’m writing music.” Fred Peterkin aka Fred D.

After lending David Moufang aka Move D a substantive and anthological like musical hand with his appearance on the German producer’s Building Bridges album mid-year, seminal Berlin based American House DJ/Producer Fred Peterkin aka Fred P. reassumes his Black Jazz Consortium moniker for the release the forthcoming album Evolution of Light. Significant in both in style and substance, it comes six years after the project’s last album Codes and Metaphors and as a “direct response” to its first, 2007’s  RE:Actions Of Light. In this sense, it serves as an instructive sonic exploration of the Queens born artist’s musical trajectory.

The album contains a number of fascinating individual exhibits, especially across its first half, of the exquisitely contoured connections Peterkin has made between a diverse array of genres, styles and sounds that serve a Brazilian sonic aesthetic and his uniquely crafted and well rounded style of nu, jazz and soul inflected deep house. No fewer than 10 artists joined him for the journey; Brazilian guitarists Bruno Elizabetsky and Leonardo Peretti Reibnitz as well as Leo Vieira and DJ/Producer Trovao Rocha, Paris based artist Tim Becherand under both his Tim Slikk and Gary Gritness aliases, London DJ/Producer and artist Ceri B., Los Angeles vocalist, multi-instrumentalist & electronic producer Christine Wheeler, Dutch multi-instrumentalist and producer Gal Aner aka Juju and Berlin based artist Reno Ka. The result is an enthralling album full to capacity with brightly lit and highly dynamic creations that beam affirming and joyous positivity.

And one need look no further than the wondrous vibe emitted by ‘Energies Collide’, the album’s lead single featuring a gratifying contribution of spoken word from the aforementioned Ceri B. Listen below and pre-order Evolution of Light, out November 8 through Peterkin’s own Perpetual Sound imprint here.


1. More Blessings (Feat Leonardo Peretti Reibnitz & Trovao Rocha)
2. Another Path (Feat Trovao Rocha, Leonardo Peretti & Leo Peir )
3. Sacred Sun (Feat Bruno Elisabetsky)
4. A Century Of Love
5. Soul People For Life (Feat Slikk Tim & Gal Aner)
6. Salvador (Feat Slikk Tim & Bruno Elisabetsky)
7. Brisbane (Feat Slikk Tim)
8. Energies Collide (Feat Ceri B)
9. Focus (Feat Reno Ka)
10. Love Alliance (Feat Gary Gritness)
11. Paradise Essential (Feat Slikk Tim)
12. Resonate (Feat Christina Wheeler)


Energies Collide (Feat. Ceri B)

Black Jazz Consortium (USA)

From the forthcoming album ‘Evolution of Light’, Perpetual Sound. Out November 8.

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