“We better clean up this shit, this place is packed with pricks'”

Norwegian artist Othalie Husøy aka Otha, has just released her new single, ‘Tired And Sick’, a mixture of deadpan mania and club ready four to the floor. If like most human beings, you possess a measure of awareness of and sensitivity towards others and a modicum of social and emotional intelligence then the self described “outburst song” should resonate generally but we felt the need to take it further.

Now, although there’s plenty of sycophantic and overbearing pricks that inhabit clubs, we’re uncertain as to exactly who or what Husøy is referring. We preferred to imagine a straight link between her feelings of anxiety, tiredness and stress directly and the sinister and inhumane ideology linked to all our ills, neoliberalism. Once the link was made the last line rested on the following characteristics. The place became the world, neoliberalism the shit and its zealous adherents, filthy rich benefactors and their political pawns in Brussels, Washington and London, the pricks. I scrubbed the joint from top to bottom and from that point on, in both delivery and interpretation the track has become nostalgically cathartic during its many repeat plays. Buy the single here.


Tired and Sick

Otha (NOR)

From the single, ‘Tired and Sick’, Self Released.

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