Portuguese techno producer João Rodrigues aka Temudo has released yet another stunning EP, his third solo release for 2019. Released on Glasgow’s Soma Records, Context is another jaw dropping and bone jarring affair by the Lisbonite and Hayes Collective founder where his relentless pursuit of raw power is only matched by his minute attention to fine detail.

The groove centred ‘Priority’ opens things up as its enticing rhythmic shuffle is nicely offset by an urgent industrial like clang. The formidable unease of the functionally smart title track sees Rodrigues employ layers of synth effects to blend parlously with a rotor like sound that shifts in pace and pitch slightly as it circulates with a gnawing insistence.

‘Lead You Nowhere’ combines the clever construction of subtle melody and slight effects to create minimal textures on its inside all the while remaining unflinching and resolute on the out. ‘Dogtooth Fall Out’ is a monster of a track, a ball of warped intensity that’s ratcheted up even further 2 minutes in by giant kick and open hats and brought home with patterned force.

Be blown away by ‘Dogtooth Fall Out’ yourself below while ‘Context’ is now playing in our New Techno Playlist on Spotify. Context is out on Soma Records. Buy it here.


Dogtooth Fall Out

Temudo (POR)

From the EP, ‘Context’, Soma Records.

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