Yesterday Paris based English singer-songwriter Flora Hibberd released her debut EP, the idiosyncratic and immersive The Absentee. Produced by J.C. Wright, it contains the two substantive singles she released earlier this year plus two others that, while at some 3 plus minutes brief in comparison, are no less pertinent in carrying forward its dark yet determined theme. Her debut, the viscerally honest title track released back in March, gave immediate notice to Hibberd’s remarkable voice and determinedly unique take on traditional folk. The hauntingly lush and expansive ‘In Violence’ released in July saw her move beyond any traditional restraint and deliver a powerfully nuanced and deeply empowering riposte to cruelty.

Unveiled to coincide with the release of the EP is the video for the melodically intense yet spaciously delicate ‘As Long As There Is Night’. Directed by Jez Tozer, it sees an insistent Hibberd attempt to, with piercing sincerity and straight to camera, recover a sense of perspective from painful memories. As the visual and aural elements slowly absorb into each other, the resulting atmosphere is one that is both starkly minimal and dramatically dense.

A stirring and satisfying debut by any measure, one of conviction and great intangible qualities. The Absentee is out now on ClearLight Records and Declared Goods. Watch the video below and buy a copy of the EP here.


1. The Absentee
2. As Long As There Is Night
3. In Violence
4. The Healing


As Long As There Is Night

Flora Hibberd (ENG)

From the EP, ‘The Absentee’, ClearLight Records/Declared Goods.

Audio Stream

Official Video



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