Melbourne based left field electronic producer and DJ Katie Campbell aka Roza Terenzi released her superb Metal Glo EP to streaming services this week a full month after its vinyl and digital release. If you haven’t caught up yet, the Klasse Wrecks and Pelvis joint release boasts two super aware originals with remixes that showcase how vital abstract and forward thinking artists like Terenzi and her good friends here are to the future of cutting edge electronic music.

The title track musically speaking literally mimics its title with the metal reference coming from a mixture of electro, breakbeat and industrial. The Glo side denotes its House vibe and is reflected by the heavenly pads which gradually start to smooth over the rougher edges around the 80 second mark. ‘All Starz’, the second original plays to a similar formula, its skittish beats juxtaposed with club ready effects, shiny pads and warped samples.

‘Metal Glo’ gets a dramtically superb remix from Klasse Wrecks aficionados Lucas Hunter and Michael Ho aka Luca Lorenzo and Mr Ho respectively while ‘All Starz’ is brought down a notch nicely with gravitas by Melbourne producer Morgan Wright and RP who borrow a sample from Netherlands metal band Transient State. Listen to ‘Metal Glo’ below and grab a copy of the EP digitally here. Unsurprisingly, the vinyl is sold out.


Metal Glo

Roza Terenzi (AUS)

From the EP, ‘Metal Glo’, Klasse Wrecks / Pelvis

Audio Stream

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