UPDATE: New Techno – An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

UPDATE: New Techno – An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

Just turned over more than half the contents of our New Techno playlist on Spotify adding 16 stellar new tracks. We’ve included all four tracks on the new Affinity 3 compilation from Affin Records featuring German duo A Sacred Geometry, Portugal’s Nørbak, Colombia’s Aleja Sanchez and Affin owner himself Joachim Speith, There’s also two tracks from the new Connection Series Vol.10 from Arnaud Le Texier’s & Emmanuel Ternois’s imprint Children of Tomorrow Records via Japan’s Yoshifumi Sodeyama aka DJ Sodeyama and Marseilles based French producer Moteka. And one each via French producer LLY & Sasha Rindisbacher aka Furtive respectively off new compilations Violent Melancholy Vol 3 from Vector Functions  & Principia Estructurale Vol III through the aforementioned Aleja Sanchez’s Northallsen Records. Furtive is also joined in the techno’s more minimal recesses by San Francisco artist/producer Federsen off his new EP Ascetics for Linear Movement.

Standalone releases come from Italian Luigi Cicchella aka Ruhig off his new EP Hornelen for AWRY, English producer Benjamin Damage‘s new EP Overton Window on Figure Recordings as well as the new Energy Band EP for Our Circular Sound from fellow countryman Portrait. There is a track from Dirkvirgo, the new LP from Zwolle based artist/producer Mill Cacou on Connected , the new EP from Leo J, Succession on AL3 Movement and from the Mandra Varna EP from English duo Frazer Campbell and John Osborn aka CAOS out on Osborn’s DRED label.

The playlist also sports three tracks we added to it earlier in the week from from Spain’s A4, Australia’s Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor and French producers La Fraicheur & Léonard de Leonard. while the rest remain from last weeks additions; P.leone, Progression UK, Markus Suckut, Rrose, Karenn, Anetha & ABSL, Oleg Mass, Deas, Gemini Voice Archive, Altinbas, Milo Raad & d_func. & JSPR.

Access and follow this playlist here for the very latest in quality techno and to get the nearly 1000 tracks we’ve featured during the year, including the 16 this update replaced check our our Tracks of 2019 Series: Techno playlist here.