Detroit techno producer Ryan Malony aka Uun returns to Dutch label Dynamic Reflection’s Nursery series for Praxis, his 5th EP of 2019. Known for both his refined use of power and subtle complexity, here Malony pairs back the voluminous approach to sound and heavy atmospherics and uses space to full effect with each of the five cuts in their unique way peering into and utilising either minimal or deep and ambient territory.

The appropriately named ‘Of Infinite Space’ is the best example of the former while the precise opener ‘Cyclical Nature’, the latter. But while they are intricate and inventively detailed they still retain a propulsive and powerful character and employ rhythmic detail that’s fascinatingly complex and readily accessible. This is most evident in how the layers of rhythm are structured on ‘Fall Of Man’ but the approach is no less effective in terms of the groove achieved on the intersectional Scythe & Sickle’. And the closer ‘Vague Reality’ is a perfect example of letting rhythm drive proceedings and loses nothing because of it.

Jaw-dropping in its consistency, Praxis is functional techno at its very finest. Listen to ‘Cyclical Nature’ head up our New Techno Playlist on Spotify and listen to ‘Scythe & Sickle’ below. Buy the EP here.


Scythe & Sickle

Uun (USA)

From the EP, ”Praxis’, Dynamic Reflection.

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