The Galleria, the project that self-admittedly “ripples with the indigenous music of long-dead, suburban New Jersey shopping malls” belongs to American artist and producer Morgan Geist (Storm Queen, Metro Area) and the irrepressible Canadian vocalist, composer and producer Jessy Lanza. Dormant since its memorable “Calling Card/Mezzanine” double A side single in 2015, now they’ve hooked up again to deliver the catchy as fuck new single ‘Stop & Go’. Listen to the starry eyed retro fit club “banger” below. Lanza’s vocal contribution in particular is killer. The single comes accompanied by a six minute extended Up The Wall Dub version and can be got at here.


Stop & Go 

The Galleria (feat. Jessy Lanza)

From the single, ‘Stop & Go’,  Environ.

Audio Stream

‘Stop & Go’ is now playing here with 29 other new tracks in our freshly updated New Electronic Pop Playlist on Spotify.