Featuring new music from;

Cats of Transnistria, SRSQ, Sondra Sun-Odeon, Citygirl,
Postcards, Team Picture,
Pleasure Policy, ABU NEIN,
Old Seas Young Mountains,
Life On Venus, Deserta, Weathering,
Ancient Channels, Pinemoon, Luggage, Street Sects,
Static Palm, 100, Slow Riot,, Japan Review, Silverbacks,
Clan de Venus, Caress, Polseguera, Tourists, Magic Shoppe, BYSTS

Our New Post Punk Wave Shoegaze Post Rock Playlist on Spotify just received another makeover with no less than 23 tracks from 30 added over the past 24 hours. We lead with the dark, hypnotic but ultimately hopeful ethereal  fuzz of ‘The Light’ by Helsinki trio Cats of Transnistria from their new six track new album Aligning out today/tomorrow. The towering goth rock/dream pop hybrid, ‘Temporal Love’ is the new single from Bay Area artist Kennedy Ashlyn aka SRSQ which we featured here yesterday. We’re also currently playlisting the return after a seven year absence of Brooklyn based experimental artist and composer Sondra Sun-Odeon, whose album Desyre features the sprawling  and instructive post rock and post punk inspired ‘Drowning Man: An Invocation For The Demise of The Partiarchy’.

The melodic shoegaze of ‘Hollow Future’ comes courtesy of the debut single from New York City quartet Citygirl led by Marisa Ferdenzi while the shimmering post punk cum dream pop of ‘Hunting Season’ belongs to Beirut quartet Postcards from their forthcoming album The Good Soldier. The angst ridden yet somehow dreamy ‘Another, Always’ is from Leeds sextet Team Picture. The two quality darkwave cuts following, which illustrate the genre’s diversity, are from new EP’s by Californian outfit Pleasure Policy and Malmö trio ABU NEIN respectively.

Other new additions include some classic post rock from Swedish duo Linus Andersson, Adam Jacobsson aka Old Seas Young Mountains and six pristine and widescreen shoegaze inspired tracks from Russia’s Life On Venus, Matthew Doty’s solo debut  as Deserta, Hong Kong based duo Weathering, UK outfit Superdrone, Brisbane’s Ancient Channel and Copenhagen band Pinemoon. Canadian post rockers The Basement Paintings bring a simultaneously melodic and jarring 11 minute epic your way off their new record Antipodes. Chicago’s Luggage bring you the tough noise side of the post punk aethestic while the Street Sects unashamedly call on all your powers of tolerance, their jagged electronic and industrial experimentalism getting up in your face and holding up a mirror to the current human shitshow

Current featured artists apart from those aforementioned also include new tracks from Static Palm, Caress 100, Slow Riot, Japan Review, Silverbacks, Clan de Venus,Polseguera, Tourists, as well as previously added entries from a week back by Magic Shoppe and BYSTS.

Listen to and follow this playlist here and find every track included in this playlist during the year in our Tracks of 2019 Series: Post Punk Wave Shoegaze Post Rock here.