Delivered what we thought would be the final new batch of songs to our New Pop/Rock Playlist on Spotify yesterday but came across a bunch today we just had to add. Check them out here. This regularly updated playlist takes in an array of guitar based genres ranging from jangle and power pop to psych and math rock throughout the year. The modus operandi, like with all our New Music Playlists is to select the best 30 new independently released pop/rock tracks at any one time. Those replaced in the 30 end up below in the Pop/Rock edition of the Tracks of 2019 series which now stands at almost 950 songs with more to be added in the next week or so. Out of that come the artists listed below, an esteemed calling card I think you’d would agree and yes, the first paragraph of 100+ names has been collated together first to make a very deliberate point.

Sharon Van Etten, Mia Dyson, Liz Stringer, Jen Cloher, Lucy Dacus, Courtney Barnett, Julia Jacklin, Julien Baker, PJ Harvey, Kate Davis, Nilüfer Yanya, Lauren Hibberd, Hatchie, Anemone, Jay Som, Alice B, Rosie Tucker, Stella Donnelly, The Japanese House, Rose Elinor Dougall, Girl Friday, Jess Ribeiro, Angie McMahon, Francie Moon, Nicole Yun, Tanya Barany, Girlpool, girl in red, Ali Barter, Clairo, Gena Rose Bruce, Rosemary Fairweather, Honeyblood, Stef Chura, Yohuna, Lauren Ruth Ward, Phoebe Green, Alex Lahey, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Pip Blom, Daisy O’Connor, Annie Hamilton, Sloan Peterson, Swim Team, Charly Bliss, beabadoobee, Body Type, pronoun, Carla Geneve, Annabel Allum, Potty Mouth, Grace Gillespie, Cristelle Bofale, Emma Elisabeth, Molly Linen, Summer Flake, Ramonda Hammer, Julia Shapiro, Marika Hackman, Cherry Glazerr, Frankie Cosmos, Emma Russack, Nancie Schipper, Chelsea Wolfe, Annie Hamilton, Little May, Molly Drag, Long Beard, Liz Lawrence, Indigo Bunting, Chastity Belt, Emme Woods, Claude Fontaine, Dottie, Hana Vu, Amy O, Hannah Blackburn, Emily Reo, Alexandra Savior, Katie Malco, Heather Mae, Signe Marie Rustad,  Brooke Bentham, The Orielles, Eliza Shaddad, Hazel English, Sorcha Richardson, Shitkid, Soccer Mommy, Gatlin, Hinds, Beach Bunny, Emily Yacina, Penelope Isles, Melby, Donna Blue, Miss Grit, Ellis, Alice Merton, Rose Ette, Emily King, Tate, Angie, Grace Gillespie, Arlo Day, Cherry Pickles, Bonniesongs, Pom Pom Squad, Deanna Petcoff, Necking, Patchwork Guilt, Rosehip Teahouse, Mousey, Infinity Crush, Bells Rapids, Shikoswe, Pixey, Little Wise, SHHE, Olivia’s World, Gum Country, Squirrel Flower, Ada Lea, Japan Man, Fran, Moral High Horse, Alice Merton, 

Deerhunter, Broken Social Scene, Wild Nothing, FEELS, Chris Cohen, The Stroppies, El Palacio de Linares, Foreign Air, Swimming Tapes, Wye Oak, Teen Body, Maps, Piroshska, password:password, Jai Wolf, Holy Now, Big Thief, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Twin Oaks, Teenage Fanclub, Lost Tapes, The Smallgoods, Monnone Alone, The National, Holiday Ghosts, Living Hour, Mac DeMarco, Purling Hiss, Local Natives, Sunflower Bean, Juan Wauters, Stephen Malkmus, Foxygen, Far Caspian, Mikal Cronin, Lowly, GRMLN, The Drums, Good Morning,  Tunng, Fruit Bats, Bleached, In Caravans, The Raconteurs, Spacey Jane, Mannequin Pussy, Mark Lanegan, WIVES, SOAK, Alex Cameron, The Night Café, No Local, Peak Twins, Modern Nature, Llovers, Spirits Having Fun, Sleep Eaters, Olden Yolk, Delagoon, Foliage, Horse Jumper of Love, Soft Blue Shimmer, Twen, Soccer Cousins, Sløtface, Bodywash, Night Moves, Generationals, Cool Sounds, The Laurels, Divino Niño, Drens, Geowulf, Mystery Jets, murmurmur, Beachwood, Young Guv, Drauve, Jade Imagine. LPX, Daise, Telekinesis, Royal Trux, Wand, Tallies, Disq, The Hengles, Pelicat, FUR, Øksendal, Saeyers, Andrew Fox, Foxlane, Desert Ships, Organised Scum, Beezewax, Wicketkeeper, BATTS, Coral Collapse, Jeanines, An Horse, Matt Surfin’ & Friends, NE-HI, Halfsour, Yuno, The Land Below, Weakened Friends, Jeff Draco.

Lachlan Denton, Terry, Pet Fox, The Berries, Special Friend, White Reaper, Strange Ranger, Flaural, Empath, Gurr, Ty Segall, Harry Heart, Hater, Temples, Infinity Crush, Lightning Dust, The Community Chest, Trupa Trupa, Honungsvägen, Combo Chimbita, Pond, Pool Holograph, Marble Arch, Vacations, Tired Eyes, Sun Colony, Medejin, Illgen-Nur, Roofers Union, Mermaidens, Strange Ranger, Cannons, Marcos y Molduras, Benedict Benjamin, Strand of Oaks, Vistas, Golden Daze, (Simen Mitlid, Better Oblivion Community Centre, Dakota, The Zells, Jade Imagine, FRANKIIE, The Royal Landscaping Society, (Sandy) Alex G, ONBC, Bells Rapids, The New Pornographers, The Districts, Sunscreen, Faux Ferocious, Moon Palace, Slow Hollows, Spacey Jane, Los Shadows, Soft Lashes, Spielbergs, Bull, Sly Withers, Great Grandpa, El Lago, Surf Rock Is Dead, Half Moon Run, Quivers, Tummyache, NO WIN, Tashaki Miyaki, Mush, Justus Proffitt, Pure Moods, Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes, Preston Lovinggood, Portland, Braids, Ducks Unlimited, BOYO, Kevin Krauter, Basic Plumbing, Lilla Parasit, The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Brand New Friend, Mesa Luna, Priests, Jason Matu, Psychic Love, Balms, Oya Paya, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Goodside, Terrible Signal, Sans Parade, Slow Pulp, Crumb, Neleonard, Struds Munroe, Beach For Tiger, Shybits, The Derevolutions, Nature TV and heaps more.

Access and follow the playlist below to enjoy almost 1,000 of best independently released pop/rock tracks of 2019.