2019 has been a stupendously good year for genres associated with independent music’s more darker and introspective side as the quality we’ve been able to feature in our New Post Punk/ Darkwave/ Coldwave/ Shoegaze/ Post Rock Playlist on Spotify attests.

Yesterday we shared its final update with you which now means that all 921 tracks featured throughout the year are safely tucked away in its Tracks of 2019 Series Playlist which you’ll find below. Here is a substantive list of the bands and artists who contributed to those 900+ tracks in their representative genres. We hope you enjoy!


Wire, Pere Ubu, Swans, Tropical Fuck Storm, Lungbutter, Omni. Corridor, TOY, Skydeck, Squid, Middle Management, Lonnie Storey, Vintage Crop, Modern Nature, Minami Deutsch, Current Affairs, No Sister, Die Wande, Dumb, Sinead O’Brien, En Attendant Ana, The Hecks, Shybits, Big Supermarket, black midi, Dry Cleaning, Versing, The Dream Syndicate, Bowling Green, Do Nothing, Behavior, Rocketship, Romantic States, The Homesick, Team Picture, Day And Night, Porridge Radio, The Curls, IDLES, Sleaford Mods, Vivian Girls, Mere Women, Low Life, Pist Idiots, Hideous Sun Demon, Gaygirl, B Boys, USA Nails, White Denim, Nots, The Pinheads, FONTAINES D.C., Jools, QWAM, Vital Idles, Hotel Lux, Alien Nosejob, Arbor Labor Union, TAWINGS, Narla, Tempos De Morte, LIFE, Party Hardly, Necking, Pottery.

Drab Majesty, Boy Harsher, Tempers, Automelodi, Fragrance,  SRSQ, Xeno & Oaklander, JE T’AIME, Years of Denial, Fawns of Love, Patience, Goo Munday, Jakuzi, Affet Robot, Night Sins, The KVB, Hapax, Glaring, Shiny Darkly, Linea Aspera, Holy Ship, Black Marble, Maus Haus, Deep Cut, Far Caspian, NO3VL, Melted Mirror, Pozi, 3+dead, M!R!M (feat. Kat Day), Panther Modern, NNHMN, Lovataraxx, Twin Tribes, Sixth June, Memoria, Bummers, Pool Holograph, Mannequin, One True Pairing, La Neve, Second Still, The Ninth Wave, Marble Arch, Antipole, Buzz Kull, More Emphemorol.

Ganser, Creaux Lies, Truth Club, Drahla, Painted Mirror, The Wants, Ceremony, SPARKLING, Chain Wallet, Melldrop, Priests, Hunter Complex, Walt Disco, Household Dogs, Cathedral Bells, A Projection, DIÄT, Gentle Heat,, Weeknight, Apex Manor, Weeknight, Desperate Journalist, Ritual Howls, Psychic Guilt, MNNQNS, Day Disguise, P.H.F, Curses, Good Fuck, Clinic, Housewives, All Your Sisters, ACTORS, Solveig Matthildur, TWINS, Sematic4, Soft Kill, Working Men’s Club, Olivia Neutron John, Body Beat Ritual, TR/ST, ABU NEIN, Double Mixte, V, Sofia Portanet, Gewalt, Bunnydeth, Les Animaux Sauvages, Xarah Dion, Public Memory, Kontravoid, Esya.


Ride, Swervedriver, Pia Fraus, Kristen Hersh, The Twilight Sad, The Ocean Blue, Stellarium, DIIV, Gliss, Blankenberge, Counterfeit Jeans, Japan Suicide, Elizabeth Colour Wheel, Crushed Stars, Greet Death, Misty Coast, Glazer, Be Forest, Agent Blã, Tamaryn, Josefin Öhrn & The Liberation, Chasms, Be Forest, Slow Riot, Hatchie, Flyying Colours, Vim, Japanese Heart Software, Blush Response, Warm, Miners, Wild Meadows, Lightning Bug, Astragal, Gnoomes, Glaze, Sunscreen, Body Type, Mermaidens, Dead Little Penny. Business of Dreams, Community College, Prudence, Film School, Mineral, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Sweater Curse, Tara, Dreamswell,

Heaven’s Club, Westkust, Bdrmm, Bedless Bones, 4vesta, Secret Attraction, Spice Boys, Spunsugar, In Caravans, Local Authority, Froth, Temple of Angels, why sun, Anajunno, Taffy, Penelope Isles, Rev Rev Rev, 4vesta, Glaze. Tennis System, Seasurfer, Magic Shoppe, Autosleeper, Garlands, Slow Glows, Dream Dali, Ruby Haunt, Blushing, Sleepwalk, For Tracy Hide, Cattle, Daydream Cathedral, Bernabé, echodrone, Linda Guilala, Night Hikes, Murmure, Pencey Sloe, Dottie, Shana Falana, The Cherry Wave, Newmoon, Foxes In Fiction, Bedroom Eyes, Black Ferns, Secret Knives, Duster, Mellowtone, Cats of Transnistria, Pure Hex,

Bert Shirt, Typsy Panthre, Peel Dream Magazine, Shadowlands, 100, BYSTS, Hussy, Pleasure Policy, Silverbacks, Life On Venus, Pinemoon, Caress, Weathering, Deserta, Ancient Channels, Superdrone, Postcards, Citygirl, Pastel Coast, Marigolds, The Howling Fog, Franky Flowers, Sungaze, Lemondaze, Failed Flowers, FEWS, Salad Boys, An Ocean of Embers, Meadowlake, Sicayda, Wednesday, Beladrone, Fehlt, Kissing Party, Deep Cut, So Totally, Horse Doctor, Moon Loves Honey, Velvet Tides, Drowse, Terry vs Tori, No Swoon, Octopus King, Russian Baths, Spector, Cloud Tangle, Lot Lizard, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete.


Lost In Kiev, Ranges, Tides From Nebula, Bethany Curve, Town Portal, Powder! Go Away, Deer Park Ranger, Chemtrail, Fly Pan Am, Only Ever, Impoding Stars, MONO, Russian Circles, Once Upon A Winter, Yage, Wozniak, Wander, Evi Vine, American Football, Heron, Minor Movements, Startle The Heavens, U137, SEIMS, Blue Foundation, The Physics House Band, Paint The Sky Red, otom, Coastlands, Amulets, Land of Fires, Greys, Stone From The Sky, Darkfield, PILLARS, Laedj, Her Name Is Calla, Catacombe, Narla, Apex Manor, The Appleseed Cast, Lebend, Dawn Chorus Ignites, Epic45, Often The Thinker.

topographies, Lost Echoes, Palm Haze, Once Grace Forever, Asimov, HarborLights, Local Authority, Codes In The Clouds, Biiirds, Point No Point, Australasia, YENESEI, Veytra, Square Peg Round Hole, Exxasens, Luggage, Old Seas Young Mountains, Venetian Blinds, The Basement Paintings, ivonne van cleef, Sondra Sun-Odeon, Neighbours Burning Neighbours, Pure Hex, threshold of faith, Same Departure, Endless Dive, Long Hallways, Ezarr, Those Amongst Us Are Wolves, GrimLake, Spiral, Building Prisons, Feed Me To The Waves, Ocean Summit, Widek, Headroom.