The year is over and Indie30’s Tracks of 2019 Series: House Playlist is complete. Just a handful short of 1,000 tracks, it boasts every track featured in the New House Playlist during the year plus some quality bonus cuts missed along the way come year end. There’s an incredible array of quality House from right across the myriad of sub-genres it seriously trades in from artists and producers both seasoned and new alike. The genre is alive and very well thanks! Thanks to all the artists and labels who gave us so much listening pleasure throughout the year. In no particular order, listed below is a selection of artists in the list that got things particularly moving during 2019 around these parts and under that is a small selection of the labels gravitated to throughout the year, those admired for their willingness to push boundaries and live hard for their art and their artists. The Tracks of 2019 Series House Playlist is below the print. Enjoy! Don’t forget – techno tomorrow.

Artists (in no particular order)

India Jordan, Tilman, Viers, Gumz, Cherushii, Maria Minerva, Hannah Holland, Brother Nebula, Mark Broom, Dust Yard, Powder, Sofia Kourtesis, Body-San, Violet, Fold, Kornél Kovács, Klein Zage, Session Victim, Andy Garvey, Harrison BDP, James Teej, COMPUTER DATA, Mowgan, Machinegewehr, Bella Boo, Peggy Gou, Tallac, Anthony Naples, Kevin Over, Joyce Muniz, Akasha System, Grad_U, Intr0beatz, Charlotte Bendiks, Tiger Stripes, Dâm-Funk, Floorplan, Gerry Read, Oliver Schories, Frits Wentik, Spencer Brown, Qrion, CINTHIE, Spirit Garden, Red Axes (feat. Bèo Dat Mây Trôi), Stylesdipp, Palesa Phalane, Rampa, Kendl, Mount Liberation Limited, Róisín Murphy, Coeo, Boundary, Katerina, Dorsi Plantar, Floating Points, Locked Groove, Dahu, 1979, Neu Balance, Yamil. Yard One.

Move D., Fred P., Black Jazz Consortium, Reboot, Javonntte, Christian Burkhardt, Octo Octa, KARLITA, Black Loops, Athea, Daniel Roth, Edward, International Anything, Harlem, Captain Over, D. Tiffany, Dwson, AFRODEUTSCHE, Robotalco, DJ Different, Kota Motomura, Afriqua, S.A.M., DJ Seinfeld, Tom VR, Project Pablo, Samuel L. Session, Monkey Safari, MoMa Ready, Jay Shepheard, Losless, Underspreche, Enduro Disco, Wilson Kentura, Candy Man, Myazisto, Fede Lng, Joe, DJ Houseplants, Daniel Maunick, String Theorem & Test Pattern, Glenn Astro (feat. Tereza), Vanessa Worm, Panthera Krause, Dense, Side Liner, Konduku, Loraine James, Pontchartrain, Cody Currie, Nightwave, Lexa Hill & Tai Malone, Fort Romeau, Lilac Jeans, Nubah, Smallpeople, Chrisoul Inactive, Zipho.

Rick Wade, Theo Parrish, Reggie Dokes, Red D, Flight_Mode, Joel Brittain, Budakid, Tom Flynn, Dosem, Force Placement, 1-800 GIRLS, Freibotar, Jackie Queens, Lukas Lyrestram, Jakob, KS7, Roza Terenzi, Bärtaub, Flørist, Shanti Celeste, Chaos In The CBD, Juan Maclean, Wax on Mare St., Complete Walkthru, Finn, Bobby Analog, Asquith, Rich Nxt, Elkka, Special Request, DJ Tennis, People Plus, Kapote, New Jackson, Cleanfield, Keita Sano, mateis e. aqir, Cammi, L.A. Vampires, Cologne, Sophie Forrest, K.E.E.N.E., Honeydripper, Otik, Windows, Kassian, Mim Sulieman, Saturday Night Rush, Ciel, Schegg, Eli Cash, Tom Bruce, Zombies In Miami, Lady Blacktronika, Ada Kaleh, Nachtbraker, Dave Aju, Deetron, Strategy, Robag Wruhme, Cop Envy, Eris Drew, Extra Credit, Jayda G, Legowelt, Ross From Friends, Sim Hutchins.

Stacey Sexton, Demuir, Baltra, Dapayk Solo, VARS, Spettro, Goblin Hulms, Soela, Mija, Edvin Wikner, Helly Larson, Miss Disk, Asierhans, WillowMan, Faodail, Nightseajourney, Cassettes For Kids, Greg Gow, Wbeeza, Steffi, Virginia, Honeydripper, Chris Stussy, Cromby, Will Saul, Karmon, Dold, Dunn Kidda, Cazanacil, J Tijn, Local Artist, Metrist, Portable, Baikal, Self Tape, Seb Zito, Manuel Sahagun, Fantastic Man, Lrusse, Made In Paris, Whitesquare, Wayward, Goshawk, Flørist, Rui-Z, Kedr Livanskiy, Silvestre, Finn, Cassy, Bobby Analog, Asquith, Unknown Collective, Sweely, Jitwam, Ichisan, Dj Steaw, Ozgood, Sa’D Ali, DJ Haus, Midub, Schegg, LOG, Paniik, AFAMoo, Olivier Verhaeghe, KOREA TOWN ACID, Dj Whipr Snipr, Julian Stetter, SONNS, Athlete Whippet, APOLLO, Joy Orbison, Quivver, Terr.

Labels (Special Mention)

clippart. 100% Silk, R&S, Studio Barnhus, Ghostly International, Shall Not Fade, Kwench, Local Action, Lobster Theremin, Fade To Mind, !K7, Toy Tonics, Needs, Hyperdub, Houndstooth, Unknown To The Unknown, Freerange, Warm, Technicolour & Delusions of Grandeur,