Today we present our final post of 2019 to highlight the final playlist in our Tracks of 2019 Series. Out of the seven new music playlists on Spotify, Indie30’s most prolific by a long way during the year was Techno, another year where the genre extended its boundaries that little bit further and arguably a year where the underground never did better at honouring its roots. It’s always been the most outside the square, forward thinking and ever evolving of genres, electronic or otherwise, and the fastidious and meticulous focus artists are putting into sculpting the subtle elements around sound and rhythm is providing some cracking originality.

Thematically, its underground roots have always provided a platform to subvert mainstream culture, call out society’s shit show for what it is and speak truth to power. And with the present state of things, it’s never been more important. We mentioned in yesterday’s post how techno is leading the way in calling out a culturally moribund and socially unjust world wedded to pointless accumulation and shallow aggrandisement and if anyone doubts techno’s underground chops, they need not look further than the musical projects below.

Having said all that, there remains a dark shadow of gender inequality hanging over the music genre and the movement itself. While there have been positive developments, there is an ongoing lack of gender diversity in techno (and house for that matter) which still unfortunately more than mirrors the ongoing gender injustice in terms of opportunities for women in wider society. Despite its quality, the fact that only 15% of the tracks in this playlist are by women or non-cis males, and that’s even after conducting an exhaustive exploration during the recent “what did we miss?” scramble, diminishes it. And it is completely unacceptable for a progressive movement.

Every play-listed track from our New Techno Playlist during 2019 and those hundred or so we missed, all 1,205 of them spanning over 129 hours of music in total, is captured here in our Tracks of 2019 Series: Techno Playlist. Taking in a number of techno’s sub-genres, it’s inventive cutting edge nature ranges in style and interpretation from the classic to the experimental, acid to dub and from the hardest hitting to the most ambient. Gender injustice notwithstanding, for what it is we are intensely proud of this collection and think it stands as a testament to how vibrant, strong and underground Techno remains. To underline that strength this list obviously does not include the  mass of vinyl only releases yet to be (if ever) released to streaming services, a place many techno artists and labels have not entered.  Thank you to every artist, producer and label featured in this extensive playlist. You are all so fundamentally important. Here is a selected list of those artists, many of whom will appear in our Best of 2019 Techno List before the new year;

Tracks of 2019 Series: Techno. Highlighted artists

Svarog, Karen Gwyer, Rrose, Denise Rabe, Blawan, Karenn, Ellen Allien, Luigi Tozzi, Aleja Sanchez Lucy, Paula Temple, Viers, Forest Drive West, DJ Nobu, Nina Kraviz, Markus Suckut. Exium, Seleccion Natural, Uun, Oscar Mulero, Reeko, Kessell, Tensal, P.E.A.R.L., Rebecca, SHXCXCHCXSH, Varg, rRoxymore, Temudo, Violet, Nørbak, Robert S, Moddullar, Tyler Dancer, Laurel Halo,
E-Sagglia, Jeff Rushin, Barker, Shed, Shifted, Ali Berger, Schacke, Bambounou, Shinedoe, Lory D, Neil Landstrumm, Luke Hess, Clinic, Deepbass , Setoac Mass, Dasha Rush, Wata Igarashi, Barbara Ford, Korridor,
Johanna Knutsson, Linn Elisabet, Anastasia Kristensen, Doug Cooney, La Fraicheur, NoOneKnown, Gunnar Haslam, Martyn, Franćois X, Cari Lekebusch, Samuli Kemppi, Michel Lauriola, Lando. 

Nicole Moudaber, Dorian Gray, HAAi, Efdemin, Greg Gow, Samuel L. Session, Machine Woman,
SØS Gunver Ryberg, Adriana Lopez, Dist, James Ruskin, Mella Dee, Christian Burkhardt, Dresvn,
Cliche Morph,  Cøncentrate, L.B. Dub Corp, 1800HaightStreet, Nadja Lind, upsammy, Jay Clarke
Heidi Sabertooth, Eric Fetcher, Adoo, The Plant Worker, Katsunori Sawa, Special Request, Kerrie, Annie Hall, Seph, ggui, Joton, Sissel Wincent, Nightwave, Structural Form, Crossing Avenue, Birds ov Paradise, Tandem Planetae, Hoarder, Roll Dann, DeNiro Lapien, Cadans, Kloves, Luis Flores. Agrippa, Ricardo Garduno, Exos, Michael Lauriola India Jordan, Sedvs, SSTROM, Lindsey Herbert, Peter Van Hoesen, Dino Sabatini, Xavier De Enciso, Claudia Anderson,

Andy Garvey, Shlømo, Jamaica Suk, Developer, Boston 168, Retina.It, Inland. SR60, Stacey Sexton Mor Elian, Monika Kruse, ANNA, Lando, George Effe, ELLLL, Nur Jaber, Conforce, Ruhig, Xosar Unbalance, Ryan Elliot, Biri, Claro Intelecto, Bastian Balders, Hogeko, Stef Mendesidis, Fadi Mohem Primal Code, XHEI, Steinmetz, Kayla Painter, Eluize, Evigt Mörker, Altinbas, BLNDR, DJ Lily, R.Hz Wilted Woman, Rhyw, Renato Ratier,  Mod21, Illuvia, Pjotr Klejment, Yaleesa Hall, Malin Genie Francois X, Tzusing, TSVI, Kota Motamura, Privacy, Yu Ya, Bloody Mary, Leila Samir, Refracted Tadeo, Alex Falk, Jocelyn, Adiel, Donato Dozzy, Eduardo De La Calle, Ones., Kamavosian, CAOS, Dahryl, Hoarder, Lost Souls of Saturn, Evigt Mörker, Portrait, BinaryFunction, Benjamin Damage.

Russell E.L. Butler, Anml Mthr, Minimal Violence, Yulia Niko, Queensyze, Ulwhednar My Flower, Sleep D, Grad_U, Keith Carnal, Motionen, Omar Gaxiola, RTMT, Romain Richard Klaudia Gawlas, Dinamite, Kalter Ende, Sarf, Complete Walkthru, Tribe of Colin, Dold, James Bong, Hogeko, Noemi Black, Jane Oak, Advanced Human, Omar Gaxiola, Nakadia, Emma Jai, Sara Simonit, ASC, Rings Around Saturn, James Place, Rraph, STL, Jessica Kert, Risa Tanaguchi, Hemka, Spettro, Digo Flaminia, NoOneKnown, Keplrr, Stenny, Refracted, Franziska Lantz, Topdown Dialectic, Kaiser Kenton Slash Demon, Desroi, Lisa May, Exos, Fisssh, Yan Cook, Deepak Sharma, Pugilist Hidden Empire, Assembler Division, Wrong Assessment, Ae:ther, Giant Swan, DJ Sodeyama, 

Kangding Ray, Antonio De Angelis Anja Schneider, Alessandro Adriani, Sandra Mosh, Kamila Govorčìn, Classic The Fist, Boston 168, YENI, Katsunori Sawa, Stephanie Sykes, Takaaki Itoh, Obscure Shape, SHDW, Anika Kunst, Psyk, Posthuman, Ben Garló, Nikola Gala, James Welsh, Steve Bicknell, joeFarr, Pfirter, Scalameriya, Vertical Spectrum, Insolate, Mari Mattham, FJAAK IM KELLAR, Pablo Wesler, Vladimir Dubyshkin, Ian Axide, Nocow, Intergalatic Gary, Secus, Lena ØLMØ, Fierce Ruling Diva, Electric Rescue, Alden Tyrell, TWR72, Nene H, Ryogo Yamamori, Aranxa Konduku, VSK, Amber Cox, DJ Richard, Javier Carballo, Johnny Island, Abstract Division, Janice, Concept of The Thrill, Qestion, Volvox, Vanessa Sukowski, Lafontaine, Vivian Koch, The Advent.

and many more…

Thanks to every Techno label who released music during 2019 and to these labels in particular for gifting us the music they did this year;

Stroboscopic Artefacts, Polegroup, Warm Up, Hypnus, Konstrukt, Nighttime Drama, Northern Electronics, Kynant, Avian, Lobster Theremin, R&S, Don’t Be Afraid, Whities, Northallsen, Non Series, Par Avion, Dynamic Reflection, Soma, Hayes, Ostgut Ton, Seilsscheibenpfeiler, The Bunker, ATT Series, Klasse Wrecks, Mind Trip, Trip Recordings, Delsin, Figure, Spazio Disponibile, Tresor, Mord, Spectral Sound/Ghostly International, Rōsten, Granulart, Analog Solutions, AWRY, Affin, Berg Audio, Illegal Alien, Nonplus.

Happy new year to you all. Access below and enjoy!