Dunedin singer-songwriter Nadia Reid continues to add to her place in the annals of folk music greatness with the release of the flawless second single, ‘Get The Devil Out’ from her forthcoming album Out of My Province. Characterised by the symbiotic relationship between Reid’s singularly immaculate voice and the pace and dynamic of her exquisitely crafted and delivered guitar arrangement, the track’s poignant subject matter is further embellished by the subtlety of slow burning strings. Harrowingly intimate yet ultimately defiant and powerfully uplifting, it’s accompanied by a video shot in Reid’s home surroundings of Port Chalmers and directed by Martin Sagadin. Watch and wait the tears to fall below.

Out of My Province is out on March 6 via Slow Time and Spacebomb Records. Pre-order here.


Get The Devil Out

Nadia Reid (NZL)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Out of My Province’, Slow Time/Spacebomb. (March 6)

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