Yesterday Bristol left field pysch-pop septet Pet Shimmers dropped the sweetly absurdist slow burning single ‘Tyson’. It’s a most agreeable albeit bittersweet effort about remembering the simple honesty of a cute and honest trick performing dog who we presume is/was called Tyson. We also presume from reading between the lines that sadly Tyson is no longer. Tyson’s ant filled sugar bowl like trachea is mixed in with words like ideas, dreams, storms and clouds which thankfully bring a  distinct Pet Shimmers style clarity to proceedings.

The single comes just a week out from the release of their debut album Face Down In Meta. It forms part of a steady slew of six idiosyncratic singles, half the album to be exact, since the band, with able assistance from London’s Goat Girl, announced their existence a year ago with the smooth disorientation of ‘Feels Hz’. ‘Tyson’ is accompanied by what the Oliver Wilde led band call  a “real aggressively cute” video featuring Tyson laying it on thick and giving everyone lots of joy by simply being Tyson.

Be enamoured by the sound and vision below and pre-order Face Down In Meta here. It’s out January 31 on Rough Trade. ‘Tyson’ is also playing in here in our freshly updated New Pop/Rock Playlist on Spotify.



Pet Shimmers (ENG)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Face Down In Meta’, Rough Trade. (January 31).

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