End of Year Lists – Best of 2019 Series Starts Today

End of Year Lists – Best of 2019 Series Starts Today

Yes, we know we’re now in the second month of 2020 and 2019 is fading fast… no… actually its gone…, but for what’s its worth out of the 6,000 or so tracks we featured across our seven playlists this we’ve finally completed the part exhilirating/part painstaking process to compile our Best of Lists for 2019.

Each will be available on Spotify as a Playlist of varying track length depending on how much quality is on offer and where our predilections went across the year genre wise. We have separated three of the playlists into separate genres so Post Punk, Darkwave/Coldwave, Shoegaze and Post Rock and will have their own list as will Folk and Country and Electronic music has been separated out from its Experimental bedfellow

We begin with Techno today which, given it is 300 strong in number you can find in two parts tomorrow with Post Rock taking centre stage tomorrow. If you’re looking for our best of Lists you can find them under Lists section in our menu.

Best of 2019 Series

February 1 – Best of 2019 – Techno 001-150 & Best of 2019 – Techno 151-300

February 2 – Post Punk & Darkwave/Coldwave

February 3 – Shoegaze & Post Rock

February 4 – Folk & Country

February 5 – House

February 6 – Pop/Rock (Guitar)

February 7 – Electronic Pop

February 8 – Experimental / Electronic

With new music coming thick and fast at present too make sure you check in with the latest in our New Music Playlists too. You can find them and all our playlists through accessing our profile on Spotify here.