Tokyo multi-disciplinary artist, percussionist and ambient producer Kazuya Nagaya has shared the vividly reflective opener ‘Thanatos’, from his forthcoming album Dream Interpretation. Named after the mythological Greek god of death, albeit apparently of the painless type, it seems to fit with  album’s thematically transcendental nature and Nagaya’s Zen Buddhist belief in unlocking the unconscious mind. An elongated tonal resonance conveys a sense of the funereal, beginning the track with sombre gravity. It’s a state that is quietly tempered by an insistent but gentle cacophony of swelling atmospheric ambience before both give way to an enlivening bout of dramatic strings.

Listen to ‘Thanatos’ below and pre-order the album here. It’s out via Sci-Tec on February 7 with the vinyl to follow on the 20th. It’s also heading up our New Electronic & Experimental Playlist here on Spotify



Kazuya Nagaya (JPN)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Dream Intepretation’. Sci Tec. February 7.

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