Today sees Newcastle Upon Tyne quintet Lanterns on The Lake deliver Spook The Herd, their carefully constructed fourth album, an artistic response to the divisive turbulence surrounding them and English society in general. Last week they shared the cinematic drama of its lush and intense opener ‘When It All Comes True’ complete with video taken from the album’s recording sessions. With a mixture delicate introspection and widescreen intensity, its recurring signature moment delivered via Helen Wilde’s vocal depth and the soaring strings of Angela Chan offers a semblance of hope amidst an atmosphere otherwise filled with spine tingling melancholy.

Listen + watch below and get a copy of Spook The Herd through Bella Union here.


When It All Comes True

Lanterns On The Lake (ENG)

From the album, ‘Spook The Herd’ Bella Union.

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Official Video


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