The Critical Grooves of Catholic Action

The Critical Grooves of Catholic Action

Glasgow art pop/rock outfit Catholic Action have shared the angular and eminently danceable ‘Another Name For Loneliness’, the third single from their upcoming second album Celebrated By Strangers, slated for release late March. It joins the two excellent singles, ‘One of Us’ and ‘People Don’t Protest Enough’ released in October and November last year. All three are inventive examples of muscular melody driven pop forming part of a record that’s an unashamed work of wry and savvy social and political criticism.

On the record the band through Chris McCrory insightful take direct aim at the antecedents behind the envy driven and ethically moribund human trainwreck the UK and western society in general has become after three and a half callous decades of dog eat dog neoliberalism by highlighting not only what its is but what could be. A call to arms to counter an ideology that divides and conquers within and between class within and between classes to irreparably damage the public good to such a point that the idea of government involvement in anything is naturally shunned as inefficient and ineffective. As the rich through their giant corporations thrive in a climate devoted to dirty air, rigged systems and monopoly capitalism where they quietly fleece the rest of humanity of our future, Catholic Action intend to meet their criminal behaviour head on by not only exposing their criminality, but exposing their vacuousness as inevitably vulnerable in the face of the best that humanity has to offer.

“I’m in it to make records that are interesting and matter. We’ve made a record that embraces the negatives – both from a musical and social/political standpoint – sees the humour in them and ultimately turns them into something positive; be that a better outlook, or progressive political action.”

Catch the immediate groove of ‘Another Name For Loneliness’ below and look out for Celebrated By Strangers, out through Palo Santo on March 27. Pre-orders here.


Another Name For Loneliness

Catholic Action (SCO)

From the forthcoming album ‘Celebrated By Strangers’, Palo Santo. (March 27)

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