Nørbak’s Comfort The Disturbed Now Streaming

Nørbak’s Comfort The Disturbed Now Streaming

Portuguese techno producer Nørbak released another blistering attack on the results of neo-liberal economics and conservative attitudes last week with the release of his new EP Comfort The Disturbed, a three tracker for Glasgow’s Soma Records. The frequency focused ‘Where Is Your God Now’ and ‘The Wise And The Disillusioned’ make use of familiar frameworks to remind us how much the system values blind ignorance that pays and detests free thinking that doesn’t. The repressed sonic textures of the title track and EP standout ‘Comfort The Disturbed’, could be taken to represent neo-liberalism’s essential need to obfuscate ethical understandings and distort notions of decency and respect by gaslighting good people, shrouding them in self doubt and intimidating them into silence. And if in any doubt as to the disturbing truth that picture paints, Nørbak introduces the intense whirr of menacing drone to mirror the surveillance age and double down on the discomfort.

Comfort The Disturbed, originally released on the 18th February is available on streaming services now. Listen to the title track and/or full EP below.


Comfort The Disturbed

Nørbak (POR)

From the EP, ‘Comfort The Disturbed’, Soma Records.

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