Brisbane (via Adelaide) DJ/Producers Madeline Draper (Citizen Doe) and Mat Taylor (Cambershae) aka
Louis’ Dance, released their debut EP Morph last week via Adelaide electronic imprint Monotreme ADL. An absorbing affair, it comes 3 years after they joined forces as a duo and is the 2 year-old label’s fifth release and second outing with Taylor (who partnered in 2018 with fellow South Australian Antony Coppens for the split EP Space Conundrum under his Cambershae moniker).

Morph consists of 3 insistently diverse originals, two of a techno bent plus a superb refix on the title track by Adelaide producer and Monotreme ADL  co-head Rob Koster, aka Groov Mekanik. It is very much reflective of the chemistry borne out of the duo’s extensive experience as DJ’s and their partnership in curating their club night and radio show MODE. Catering towards the darker, more experimental side of techno, Draper’s penchant for creating ambient textures, atmospheric effects and experimental sounds combines seamlessly with Taylor’s strident rhythmic precision and preoccupation with the otherworldly. It renders the EP not only an immersive and expansive listening experience, but one that’s cohesively centered as well.

‘Dew Point’ opens with intent: bass menacingly rumbling underneath a hefty clip, as magnetic shard-like effects attach and detach themselves from the proceedings at will. The title track is as equally emphatic, its tidily substantive rhythm providing an appropriate foil for it’s enigmatic and abrasive qualities. Groov Mekanik’s take on ‘Morph’ relocates it to peak time where it’s tension is readily released and pace is purposefully heightened, creating an insistent groove. The contemplatively deep and dark hues associated with closer ‘Vanishing Point’ then serve to generate an apparently seamless mixture of speculative curiosity coupled with dystopic visions.

Altogether, the four tracks speak to both a respect for nuance and the smallest of musical details, a debut that pushes the envelope as intended and as experienced hands ought. As do all Monotreme ADL releases, that envelope is advanced just that little bit further by the intense importance attached to both sound design and high-end production values.

Listen to the heady and powerful ‘Morph’ below and purchase a copy of EP in digital format exclusively on Bandcamp here. Available to other digital outlets April 10.




Louis’ Dance (AUS)

From the EP, ‘Morph’, Monotreme ADL.

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