Hot on the heels of her two epic EP’s in 2019 with Scratcha DVA, veteran London underground artist/producer/DJ/radio host Karen Nyame aka KG has unleashed her new solo four tracker called Sensei. It’s a 18 minute ball of rolling energy characterised by its on fire syncopation and euphoric mood. In addition to the immediacy of the title track, a loop savvy sub bass monster of immeasurable proportion, the first side features Nyame’s celestial remix of Greyman’s Blackberry Music. Side two begins with a classic, low end focused remaster of ‘ KG original by Nyame herself and ends with a cosmically charged remix from the mysterious producer Quest​?​onmarc.

Sensei is an alluring proposition from beginning to end from an artist at the very top of her game. Listen to the track ‘Sensei’ below and buy the EP here. It is killer.



From the EP, ‘Sensei’, Goon Club All Stars 

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