Helsinki pop/rock quartet LOVE SPORT return after a three year hiatus necessitated by their work in other projects with a sharply buoyant new single ‘Life’s A Joke’. It’s the first taste from their forthcoming album And Justice For All, and a more than worthy follow up to 2017’s excellent decade-spanning rock nugget Dull Tracks.

While the bands energetic disposition and compositional tendency in-track to shift between eras and styles is again apparent, there an immediacy afforded to the overall sound here that’s most noticeable. It adds distinct muscle to the rock solid rhythm established by Max Mãkinen’s on the dime tempo and Aki Pohjankyrö’s disciplined exuberance. It also further magnifies the rambunctious shimmer that readily emanates from the riveting guitar interplay characteristic of Teemu Tanner and Mikko Sulonen’s telepathic musical relationship.

‘Life’s A Joke’ also sees the return of the bands empathetic and uncompromising observations on the current state of the human condition. Delivered through Tanner’s deductive and measured vocal, the single zeroes in on life in an age where corporations dominate mainstream discourse and have control of governments. With the social contract between society and its government broken, trust across all forms of relationships whether they be transactional, professional or personal is eroding away before our very eyes. This has created the situation where the absence of altruism, ethics and integrity in our relationships is now not only expected but accepted as the default position. Lying or fucking someone over to advance yourself without consequence is the new normal.  Tanner, in understated terms posits thus;

“The song pretty much sets the tone of the lyrics for the whole album. It’s a story about trust, companionship and what people are willing to sacrifice for their needs.”

Listen to ‘Life’s A Joke’ below or find it playing here in our just updated  30 track selection of new pop/rock gold in our New Pop/Rock Playlist on Spotify. And Justice For All is out through the good people at Soliti Music on May 22. Single (and album pre-orders when available) here.


1. The biggest liar in town
2. Life’s a joke
3. Wash
4. Wrong kind of evil
5. Keying cars
6. Jive
7. Giant hoof


Life’s A Joke


From the forthcoming album, ‘And Justice For All’, Soliti Music. May 22.

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