Kelly Lee Owens Gifts New Inner Song Track ‘Night’

Kelly Lee Owens Gifts New Inner Song Track ‘Night’

English left field techno artist and producer Kelly Lee Owens continues to successfully navigate a path through the somewhat uncharted waters between pop and techno on her organically savvy new single ‘Night’. One of the few artists across the vast techno landscape who can actually value add to her creations with vocals, Owens again brings their ethereal presence to the fore together with her ever-agile production ability. They make for a strikingly fascinating work of simultaneously supple and jagged precision.

‘Night’ will appear along with February’s single ‘Melt’ on Inner Song, the now delayed follow up to her stellar self titled debut and our 2017 album of the year,  The delay stems of course from the current pandemic and the decision to release ‘Night’ at this time was the result of Owens’ expressed desire at a difficult time to make genuine emotional connection through her music;

“This track speaks as to how feelings and insights are more accessible to us at nighttime – how the veils are thinner somehow and therefore how we are more able to connect to our hearts true desires. I wanted to release this track as a gift to you during this crazy time, to give a part of my heart to you all.”

Originally slated for May, Inner Song will now see release through wonderful Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound on August 28. Listen to ‘Night’ below and pre-order here.

Track List

1. Arpeggi
2. On
3. Melt!
4. Re-Wild
5. Jeanette
6. L.I.N.E. 
7. Corner Of My Sky (feat. John Cale)
8. Night
9. Flow
10. Wake-Up



Kelly Lee Owens (ENG)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Inner Song’, Smalltown Supersound. August 28.

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