Tam Nisam Releases Three Gems on Debut For BROR

Tam Nisam Releases Three Gems on Debut For BROR

Romanian producer Tam Nisam has just released his debut EP on the Gothenburg imprint BROR owned by Swedish producer DJ Lily. BROR11 features three off-kilter dub influenced techno delights and a Lily remix of ”Negura’, its exceptionally intricate opener.

Underpinned by its rarified atmosphere and the propulsion derived from modulating percussion and super low reverberations of sub bass, ‘Negura’ is embellished by the melodic relationship established between recurring sonar, glassy keys and a slight industrial whirr. It makes for an invitingly strange and original listening experience.

And far from being a one track affair, the idiosyncratic and dense ‘Periplu Euxin’ and the infectious groove, hypnotic chimes and uneasy soundscape created by ‘Din Senin’ render BROR11 an incredibly even listen and a first class debut. ‘Negura’ is streaming on all platforms and is physically available in digital and vinyl format here.



Tam Nisam (ROM)
From the EP, ‘BROR11’, BROR Records
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‘Negura’ is now playing in our New Techno Playlist on Spotify here where Tam Nisam is joined by the likes of Sharad Sood, dubspeeka, bdtom, Peter Van Hoesen, Kessell, Eric Fetcher, PWCCA, Pacius Elter, Sev Dah, Hadone, Anetha, Skudge, Jay Clarke, Motionen and more.