A couple of months back Berlin via Rome experimental duo Eugenio Acrartep and Roberto di Ciaccio aka AB UNO released their commanding and cerebral EP Regressive Repetition. Their first release since a prolific 2017, it contains four diverse offerings which, while still traversing the dark spaces of the musical mind, serve as a definitive departure from the fantastical Lost Worlds and the drone focus of Metaforma and the Work EP.

Here Acrartep and di Ciaccio combine analog and acoustic sources to determinedly fuse together opposing ideas of repetition and metamorphosis. It produces a sense of animated torpor throughout, transitory yet immutable. Spaciously tense opener ‘Monas’, which you can sample below, emits an abrasive high pitched melody from atop a gliding ambience while ‘Magnesio’ expands from its spindly beginnings into a tale of cautionary wonder. ‘Tria Palma’ is hypnotically resplendent awash with connate whispers and circles of faded synth while the gritty and ominous ‘Vetro’ is served by its distorted beat and ghoulish sounds.

Regressive Repetition is out now on Berlin via Istanbul imprint Transferans. Pick up a digital copy here.




From the EP, ‘Regressive Repetition’, Transferans.

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