Thus far during 2020, we have added and removed 472 carefully hand picked tracks to our New Techno Playlist on Spotify amounting to over 50 hours of top shelf original mix techno. As they’ve been replaced by newer tracks, we’ve been archiving them in the Techno edition of our Tracks of 2020 Series of Playlists  These serve as the archive for every track we playlist this year in our  seven New Music Playlists.

This week, we’re pleased to announce that all seven archive playlists including our Techno edition are now public for your listening perusal and can be accessed at our spotify profile here. Music recently removed to here include tracks by Neel, Primal Code, Exos, Benjamin Damage, PWCCA, Sandro Galli, DeNiro, Viels, Basicnoise, TWR72, Aleksi Perela, Nocow, Linn Elisabet, Peter Van Hoesen, bdtom & Forest Drive West – who, as you can see below kicked this thing off back in January.

Visit, follow and enjoy our Tracks of 2020 Series: Techno here. While its source, our New Techno Playlist is here.