Allegra Krieger’s Graphically Jarring ‘Forgot’

Allegra Krieger’s Graphically Jarring ‘Forgot’

Today we share the harrowing discomfort of ‘Forgot’, the graphic and jarring new single from New York City based singer-songwriter Allegra Krieger. It’s a track that starkly lays bare the moment of painful realisation that all sense of self control and self regard has been surrendered to and subsumed by obsession, self loathing, manipulation, and dependency.

While its dusty haze of a beginning seems innocent enough, the unsteady waltz drops a hint that all is not well in this loving pliability. In its chastened fragility and howling regret Krieger’s vocal perfectly captures the surreal mix of forlorn horror and cathartic relief while her accompanying music ensemble teeters on the edge, as much threatening to fall apart as it does to put things back together.

A stunningly sophisticated expression of sadness, Forgot is the fourth single from Allegra Krieger’s forthcoming second album the Joys of Forgetting due out on August 7 through Northern Spy Records. Listen below and pre-order the record here.



Allegra Krieger (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘The Joys of Forgetting’, Northern Spy. Out August 7.