We’ve hand picked another batch of outstanding tracks from right across the genres to include in our regularly updated New Post Punk Dark & Cold Wave Shoegaze Post Rock Playlist on Spotify.

We kick things off two very different post punk derived creations come from the land of the long white cloud in the form of Dunedin born and Melbourne based artist Vanessa Worm and brazen Auckland trio Wax Chattels. Philadephia quartet Deep Tissue brings intensity and power to proceedings while there’s more diversity again coming from UK from non-binary artist Bone Pixie, angular Leeds outfit Eades and dark London quartet Pozi. There’s also some driving post punk from Russia in the form of Yekaterinburg based Фирма-однодневка or Firma-odnodnevka meaning essentially One Day Company, a reference to the corrupt use shelf companies by the Russian oligarchy and the dreamy motorik style of Novosibirsk trio Ploho.

While a number of those post punk tracks contain nods to both the dark and cold wave genres, there’s four very different cold wave inspired exhibits from Gil’otina, the project of Ukrainian artist Ivan Kotsiubynsky, Los Angeles duo S. Product, Dutch duo De Ambassade and the appropriately named Coldvvave, the project coalescing around Indonesian artist Yogi Obluda.

The shoegaze comes in all shapes and sizes in terms of sound, influence and style too. There’s power and intensity from two Texan bands, Houston’s Daze and El Paso’s Eep. Fuzzed out goodness from Portland quartet Phosphene, the Joe Stevens led Brooklyn trio Peel Dream Magazine, Lille based trio Tapeworms and atmospheric Groningen based quintet Meadowlake. New York City producer and multi-instrumentalist Marisa Ferdenzi aka Citygirl and Sydney duo Lorelei provide some lush introspection while Mexico City outfit Mint Field combine those ethereal tendencies with an enticing motorik rhythm.

It features new new post rock tracks from experimental Los Angeles duo El Ten Eleven, Sydney duo sleepmakeswaves, Agarikon, the project belonging to British Columbia composer and visual artist Simon Haiduk, New Jersey outfit Category Mistakes, Belfast veterans And So I Watch You From From Afar, Los Angeles quartet Young Lovers, the Rome based project of Marco Cattani, Chemical Waves featuring Lisbon artist Pedro Code aka IAMTHESHADOW and Motherwell, Scotland outfit A Sudden Burst of Colour.

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