Smooth. Refined. Complex. The New EP From Zito Mowa

Released earlier this month digitally and for streaming last Friday, Zito Mowa‘s new deep house EP for Open Sound is a work of both smooth refinement and compositional complexity. It sees the innately talented and hard working South African artist and producer create three readily enticing and mood inducing tracks delivered with delicately insistent beats and a sparkling array of carefully selected funk, jazz and soul infused samples.

On the celestial sounding opener ‘Teabag Mouf’, Mowa establishes an instantly infectious groove with substantive kick, arrested bass lines and scrapes of percussion. The looseness of each element is the buoyant rhythm needed for the skilfully applied melodies to gently, almost weightlessly work their magic.

Middle track ‘The Receipts’ is a slightly more animated affair, its ardent strings and affective vocal samples creating an emotional density that brings proceedings into more earthly but no less ecstatic realms.

Positively beaming closer ‘MaSchneider’ begins with an honest and horizontal swagger as a crouching double kick rhythm and jazzy two handed hat work combine with a big pressurised off-beat. Its forms the heavy groove and the spatial depth needed for its signature melodies of sampled low key sax and glassy keys to sign off in subtle triumph.

Listen to ‘Teabag Mouf’ below and grab a digital copy of Open Sound 044 here. It comes completed by a beat embellished remix of ‘MaSchneider’ by Slovenian producer Jus Tadi. Find the original playing here in our New House Playlist on Spotify.


Teabag Mouf

Zito Mowa (RSA)

From the EP, 044′, Open Sound.